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Red Fury Revolt by J.F. Ridgley

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02_Red Fury Revolt_CoverPublication Date: January 31, 2015
R Pride Publishing
eBook; 412p

Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: Book One, The Agricola Series

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Something keeps drawing G. Julius Agricola to Britannia again and again…

This is where it starts… book one, Red Fury…Revolt

A.D. 60…

Camulodunum! Londinium! Verulaneum!

Three towns writhe under the Iceni queen’s wrath, as she leads her warriors intent on destroying all things Roman – be it Roman temples, Roman villas, or entire families sympathetic to Rome. At stake is Suetonius Paulinus’s reputation. With only 80,000 legionaries, will he destroy Boudica or will he endure the disgrace in Rome for losing–to a woman?

Julius Agricola-Rome’s tribune, and Rhianna-Boudica’s youngest daughter, become ensnared in this horrific historical revolt against Roman injustice. Just as Julius and Rhianna reveal their love to each other, they are hurled back into the harsh reality of their differing worlds that are determined to destroy each other.

Who will survive?

Book two in the Agricola series, Red Fury Rebellion, coming 2016!

Praise for Red Fury Revolt

“…Ms. Ridgley has done very well at telling her story, while being respectful to the events that devastated Britannia, and even shook the Roman Empire itself, in 60 to 61 A.D.” - James Mace, Author of ‘Soldier of Rome – The Artorian Chronicles’

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About the Author03_Author JF Ridgley

Ms Ridgley loves the ancient world. Even after years of researching and many trips to the sites of her stories, she is still fascinated by what she can use for her next story. One thing she does enjoy more is bringing this world to life in her award-winning stories of power, greed, violence, and love.

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Catch a Falling Heiress (An American Heiress in London, #3) by Laura Lee Guhrke

When I saw Laura Lee Guhrke had a new book out, I jumped at the chance to read it. I really liked the first book in the series, When the Marquess Met His Match (An American Heiress in London, #1). I think that Guhrke is a very original storyteller and her heroines are usually pretty strong, which I love. She always has unique storylines and I know that I’m in for some surprises.

copy received for an honest review
Three Stars
In her new book, “Catch a falling Heiress”, Guhrke follows the same recipe. Linnet Holland is a strong heroine. She is an heiress and although her mother has tried to marry her off to a British member of the ton she has not succeeded. Linnet had her heart broken by a member of the ton before and she is not about to fall into the same trap again. Now that she is back in America, she is ready to pick a husband and she has one in mind.

Jack Feathersone is the brother-in-law of Lady Belinda Featherstone from her first marriage. Jack is not very stable and he is known for his philandering ways. When his friend, the Duke of Margrave asks him to ruin the man that caused his love-Edie (from the previous book-How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days). He travels to America to help him see to this.

When Jack is at a ball his plan has come to fruition, Frederick Van Hausen is near ruin. He’s only way out is to find a rich heiress to help him by marrying him. The minute that Jack sees Frederick speaking with Linnet he knows that Frederick is desperate and will do anything. He instantly jumps in to help her. To help Linnet he kisses her as her mother and another member of the party find them. Jack proposes marriage and Linnet quickly refuses him.

Linnet is beside herself that she is caught in this situation with Jack, he is a stranger and she swore off British men. After many arguments with her father and mother she travels to London and asks Belinda Featherstone, now married to Trubridge, to help her find a husband.

Overall, this was a cute story and I liked both the hero and the heroine but I didn’t love them. Also, so much happens at the very beginning of the story that towards the middle it begins to drag. I did enjoy seeing Belinda again, she is always such a great and witty character. I had really high expectations for this book and some of them were not met however,I plan to read more by this author.
Catch a Falling Heiress (An American Heiress in London, #3)

The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt (Hardcover) by Kara Cooney

Copy from for an honest review
Five stars
This is the second historical fiction I have read about Hatshepsut. The first one , Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Thornton was fantastic. I was eager to read more about Hatshepsut since I knew very little about her. Dr. Cooney's "The Woman Who Would Be King" was based on her research but most was based on pieces of information because here is the deal-Hatshepsut was literally erased from Egyptian history. I absolutely love reading about her and her history. This was such a fascinating book and really it just made me crave more. Both Thornton and Cooney portray a Hatshepsut worthy of being king!
The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood #3) by J.R. Ward- Audiobook

Five Stars

When I started “Lover Awakened” by J.R. Ward I knew that I would be hearing a story about vampires but I had no idea that I would become completely hooked! First, I had to start this story twice because it picks up very quickly. I went to the library and checked out the first book in the series “Dark Lover” so I could have a little background and a little more understanding.

So J.R. Ward’s writing. I have to say that her storytelling is very good. She was able to develop these hard cord vampires known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood. They live on earth but they stay away from humans although they need to feed. Feeding for them means drinking blood. Unlike the usual vampire stories these vampires eat, drink, sleep just like people and they can be killed. They also have enemies, The Lessers. The Lessers are not vampires and they are not humans. They are soulless beings and basically the bad guys. From this audiobook and from the first book I read, I understand that Ward focuses on one vampire and their love interest but the other characters are very much a part of the story as well. My one gripe about this is that the way she transitions from one scene to another is a little overwhelming. I had to rewind a couple of times to make sure I understood who was in what scene. For anyone that has never read JR Ward her books they are at least four hundred pages, the audiobooks is about sixteen hours. But all well worth it!

Ok, now onto the good stuff. In the BDB there are the main vampires: Phury, Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Tohrment and Zsadist. The focus of this book is the love story between Bella and Zsadist. Zsadist is a very broken vampire. He lived as a blood slave, the lowest in the vampire hierarchy. As a blood slave he not only had to feed his mister but he also suffered a lot of sexual abuse. This is a constant problem for him in the present day and he becomes overwhelmed by his memories. He constantly feels dirty and has a very difficult time connecting with people. Bella comes from an aristocratic family of vampires. She is held captive by a Lesser that claims her as wife. In the previous book Zsadist meets Bella and is drawn to her. She is held captive six weeks by the Lesser but him and the BDB never stop looking for her.

Personally I loved Zsadist his feelings of unworthiness made my heart ache. He is a real jerk to most of the people he encounters but it’s his way of dealing with his issues. When he can’t distance himself from Bella and feels she is getting too close he really pushes her away. I also like Bella but since I’m on my 3rd book in the series (I became so intrigued by it, I went to my library and checked out the available books in the series) Ward tends to make her females very one dimensional. It’s very frustrating. Bella basically lays around waiting for Zsadist to come to her. When he finally breaks her heart (I’m using self -control and not giving too much away) she goes to see her brother Rehvenge. He’s in control of Bella’s life as well. The female roles that Ward writes are a little frustrating and it almost had me liking the books a little less. However, at the end she really had showed redemption for Bella’s character. I also liked the tremendous transformation that Zsadist put himself through so he could be worthy of her.

Finally, there are so many more characters in this story but I’ve decided to just focus on Bella and Zsadist. The bond of the brother is really beautiful and I enjoy reading about it. I’m also intrigued by Phury his dedication and love for his twin, Zsadist, brought tears to my eyes. I can’t recommend this series enough. I could not helped become hooked and I never thought I would love a paranormal series this much!

Lover Awakened: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3

By Winter's Light (Cynsters #21) by Stephanie Laurens

original post
Three stars

copy received for an honest review
Stephen Laurens is one of those authors that’s been on my to-read list for a while. The story “By Winter’s Light” really grabbed my attention. The hero, Daniel is a tutor to the Cynster family. The many members in the Cynster family had their stories in previous books. This is a pretty big series since this is the 21st book in the series.

This was a cute holiday story. Daniel is moving on from his position as tutor. Now that he will have a good salary and pension to live off of he is ready to take a wife and move onto the next part of his life. The person he has his mind set on is Claire. Claire is the governess to the siblings in the Cynster family.

Claire is widowed and enjoys her life as a governess. She and Daniel always meet together at family gatherings although they don’t have a very profound connection. They seemed to just interact together because of their respective positions.

This was a cute story but not too much happened. The story mostly centered on the young children and the many family members in the Cynster family. The children are constantly getting into mischief, need rescuing or looking after. Since I have not read any of the books in the series none of the other characters stood out for me. I put the book down a couple of times because many of the events that take place seem like fillers for Daniel and Claire.
Claire can sense that Daniel is interested in her and when he finally works up the courage to propose to her she says no. Which, honestly, makes perfect sense because they don’t really know each other. Also Daniel doesn’t seem too heartbroken by her rejection. He simply thinks that she needs more time and he is willing to be patient.

Overall, this was a cute story. At times I did lose interest in it but I still wanted Daniel and Claire to have a happily-ever-after. Fans of the Cynster family will really enjoy this story and it makes for a good holiday read since it takes place during the holiday season.
By Winter's Light (Cynster, #21)

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward -Audiobook

Four Stars
Copy received for an honest review
When I was listening to “Lover Awakened” on audiobook I was intrigued by this series! Since I had so many questions about who these The Black Dagger Brother vampires were I wanted to go to the first book in the series. Although I have heard of JR Ward I have never read anything by her because paranormal is not a genre I immediately jump to. I saw this because I became so hooked on this series I checked out all available books.

So if anyone has not read the series, I’m happy to report that they can be read as a stand-alone. I didn’t learn too much in the first book that made Lover Awakened better or worse for me. I see that Ward typically has one couple that she focuses on but still has many other subplots going on at the same time.

In this story we learn about Wrath, he is blind and he also has a calling to lead the BDB but he has been refusing it. I really loved that Ward added that to the story. Darius is a very good friend of Wrath, they are brothers and fight against the Lessers. The lesser are soulless bad guys. They look like humans but obviously are not. They basically try to kill each other throughout the entire series. Darius is an aristocrat and he asks that Wrath protect his daughter who is a half breed. Beth is a human, or at least thinks she is. She has very alluring qualities but none that would lead anyone to suspect she is anything other than a beautiful woman. When Darius is killed he feels he needs to respect his good friends request and goes to look for Beth.

As can be expected Wrath falls in love with Beth. Although he doesn’t want any type of attachments he realizes that she will soon go through a transformation and she needs his help. I really liked both these characters. Beth was a great female lead. She was strong and not really ready to relinquish control of her life to a vampire. I thought that they were well matched. When Wrath falls for Beth he makes a promise to the Scribe Virgin-basically their god- that he will do anything she wants as long as Beth is safe. 

In this book we also meet Butch. Although he is not a vampire he becomes a big part of their group. Butch is a rough around the edges detective. He is attracted to Beth and when he meets Wrath he is determined to protect her from him. Butch also meets Marissa. She is feeds Wrath and is desperately in love with him but Wrath never felt anything for Marissa. Both Marissa and Butch get their own book and story but it’s easy to see their attraction to each other. 

It’s easy to see why Ward has been so successful in this series. She really develops fantastic characters. They become so real and you can’t help but wish them a happily-ever-after… or in this case a please, don’t let them get killed- after. The action scenes are also fantastic! I held my breath a couple of times because I was worried about what would happen next. There are still many books I have to read in the series but so far this has been a great adventure! Now I’m looking forward to seeing what Ward does with Phury and Butch! Although I’m reading Tohrment and loving it so far!
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (MacKenzies & McBrides, #1) by Jennifer Ashley -Audiobook

copy from tantor audio
Four Stars

When I reviewed “Scandal And The Duchess (MacKenzies & McBrides, #6.5 I became really interested in the McKenzie family. The bond between the brothers seemed so full of love and it was endearing to watch these rough and tough men love and support each other.

This story in particular “The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie” is one of those books that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. I have to say that Jennifer Ashley is talented, very precise and thorough in her storytelling. She really gets to the heart of her characters. She really knows how to plan out a plot and she really knows how to keep a reader/ listener on the edge of their seat. Her characters and plot were so rich that I felt satisfied when the story finished.

Lord MacKenzie is considered “mad.” This madness is because he has a photogenic memory and is a type of “Rain Man” in London/ Scottish society. One day he meets Beth Ackerley and immediately becomes fascinated by her. Ian doesn’t have good social skills but Beth realizes immediately that Ian is special and she finds his brutal honesty refreshing. Beth is a great heroine. She is not of English/ Scottish society. She actually has a dark family history but she ends up marrying a man she loves who unfortunately dies shortly after their marriage. She is taken in by an English lady that teaches her about society and ends up leaving her with a nice fortune. I really loved Beth and thought that not only was she an excellent heroine but she was excellent with Ian.

Through a series of circumstances Beth and Lord Ian end up married even though she wants to stay a widower after a failed courtship when she meets Ian. At first I thought that the story would begin to drag since Ian and Beth married so early and quickly but the plot was well played out when we discover that Ian is the suspect in a murder. Ian trying to protect his older brother Hart has never confided in anyone about the mystery surrounding the death he is a suspect in. Although Beth doesn’t know Ian very well she knows he is not a murder and she takes it upon herself to find out the truth behind the murder. Ian was such an endearing character. Because emotionally he is so cut and dry I thought it would be difficult to identify with him, but he was so honest and sincere it was easy to see what a wonderful man he was. Besides these fantastic characters and the great plot, I was intrigued by Isabella and Cameron’s story. I plan to read their story soon.

Finally, I thought that this was a great story. It really delivers and I enjoyed all the twists and turns that I did not expect. Also, I thought Angela Dawe did a great job narrating the story. She really seemed to understand the characters and their personalities. She really made the story that much more enjoyable for me.
The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (MacKenzies & McBrides, #1)

Dare to Desire (Dare to Love, #2) by Carly Phillips

original post at: http:ramblingsfromthischick.blogspot
Copy received for an honest review
Four Stars

Carly Phillips is such a fun author! Dare to Desire is the second book in the Dare to Love series. I love when a book is a part of a series and I enjoy it! I’m looking forward to reading Dare to Surrender and Dare to Submit!

When the story begins Alex Dare is a quarterback for the Tampa Breakers. He is in all his glory! He is a notorious playboy, handsome, rich, famous and doing what he loves-playing football.

Madison Evans is watching the game at her very close friends’ house. These close friends are relatives and also very good friends of Alex. Although Alex and Madison are not a couple they do share a “friends with benefits” relationship, despite both their misgivings about this relationship. Madison knows all about Alex, his reputation and his no commitment stance for relationships. She also has grown to care for Alex but refuses to let him know how she really feels and enjoys their causal relationship. Alex is committed to Madison and exclusively with her but their relationship is not openly known and they do not have a title on their situation. Alex realizes that Madison is already a big part of his life since she is very close to both his friends and his family. One fateful game Alex is badly injured and his career comes to an end. Madison runs to be by his side but Alex dismisses her and basically tells her what she has feared all along, she means nothing to him.

Fast forward six months and Alex is no longer the golden boy he was before. His life is drastically different. He is unemployed and all alone. When his half-brother Ian Dare calls him up with a proposition he has no other offers and takes him up on it. Madison was working as a social worker when Ian contracted her to help him start a program for ex-athletes. He wants to help ex-athletes live their life after their careers are over and who would make a better co-worker than Alex? Both Madison and Alex are hesitant to work together given their history but they realize that this is a great opportunity and both jump on board.

As Madison and Alex work together their relationship is purely professional but Alex wants more. He realizes that he hurt Madison and wants to make amends. Madison was deeply hurt and is not going to give Alex a second chance to wound her. As Madison’s family problems come to light Alex begins to make himself a very strong and needed support system for her. Before long they both realize that giving each other a second chance is what they need.

I really liked both Madison and Alex. Alex is pegged as a playboy and famous athlete but he is really a good guy. He did not deal with a difficult situation in the best way but he quickly tried to make amends and become a person he could be proud of. These characters were fantastic and so was their chemistry. I really enjoyed and highly recommend this heartwarming love story.
Dare to Desire (Dare to Love, #2)

Nothing Personal (Paperback) by Jaci Burton -Audiobook

Three Stars
“Nothing Personal” is an earlier story by Jaci Burton. I haven’t read too much by her so I wanted to see what “Nothing Personal” would be like. Ryan McKay is a multi-millionaire. He is handsome, obviously very rich and very powerful. He has it all except the one thing he needs-a wife. Ryan doesn’t want to get marry but his grandfather stipulated in his will that Ryan could only inherit the family business if he was to get married and have a child. The terms of the will are very specific and if Ryan does not comply he loses the company that he has been working hard to run.

Faith Lewis has been working for Ryan for many years, fresh out of college she was highly recommended. Faith is nothing like Ryan. She is very insecure and has been in love with Ryan since she started working for him. When Ryan’s intended bride backs out of their intended marriage, Ryan is desperate because he does not want to lose his company. He asks faith if she will help him out and she says yes.

Ok, so Faith. For the first half of the book she was so spineless I don’t know how she didn’t just keel over. She was so insecure and so down on herself it was almost irritating. It seemed that she was grateful just to breathe and even at times she didn’t seem to deserve that. Ryan was so cold and unfeeling that I didn’t particularly care for him. 

BUT, and here is a big BUT. I really began to like them both. This is not instant-lust at first sight. Far from it. Ryan doesn’t even really care about Faith until he really starts to get to know her. Although they have worked together for years, Ryan was all business. I did have a couple of issues with the book. One it was super predictable. Faith was innocent and naïve to and extreme. But I liked how the author evolved some aspects of her but essentially still kept her as her own person. Ryan was harder to get. Since his parents, family were all cold and distant it makes sense that he was too, but I would have liked for him to have more depth. As expected he begins to fall in love with Faith and he realizes that he has been keeping people at arms lengths all his life. He also realizes that if he doesn’t do something quick he will lose Faith.

Although I had some issues with the story, when Faith and Ryan “break up” it was so sad and heartbreaking that I wanted them to work out their issues. The grandfathers will was a little far-fetched and the cousin that was supposed to oversee the authenticity of their marriage was a little creepy but overall I really enjoyed this story. I wanted the characters to be happy and I wanted to see how they would resolve their marriage. Also, I enjoyed the narration by Elizabeth Hart except that she made Faith sound so whiny it made her seem almost too childlike. But overall, her narration was enjoyable.
Nothing Personal

My Beautiful Enemy (The Heart of Blade Duology #2) by Sherry Thomas

My Beautiful Enemy by Sherry Thomas
Three Stars 
So, I’ve read Sherry Thomas before and really like her. Since I have such high expectations of her writing and story I might be a little harsh with three stars but I don’t think four stars would be right.

My Beautiful Enemy starts off with a big action scene. While I LOVE stories where there is action and the heroine is kicking butt it was too much. I had to re-read the scene because I kept thinking, what the heck is going on? Also, because the author jumps right into the story I couldn’t figure out who the characters where. I love when a story doesn’t take forever to get started but I think Ms. Thomas jumped the gun or in this story she jumped the knife.

After I pushed through the beginning I tried to sort out who the characters were or who they weren’t… Our heroine is Catherine. Catherine or Ying Ying is the illegitimate daughter of a Chinese courtesan and an English man. She grew up longing for acceptance and a place to belong. Her stepfather is a part of the high ranking society in China. Her stepfather sends her on a mission to England. Catherine was trained in different arts and is a type of warrior/ spy. When she is in England she meets her ex-lover-Captain Leighton Atwood. However, both are in disguise… Ying Ying (now Catherine) met Leighton before on a mission disguised as a boy. He sees through her disguise and they become involved.

Ok, so a lot is going on in this book. The story jumps around so much I felt like I needed to draw a graph and follow who the characters were and where they were. The story also jumps around from the past to the present, from China, India to England. I think this is a Thomas signature. She’s done this before in her other books (different countries and present and past) but in this book it all felt very chaotic… and I struggled to stay engaged and interested.

As the story unravels, we learn that Leighton and Catherine are on similar missions and that they share a common enemy although the enemy is pretty well hidden (I have to admit I did not guise who the “traitor” was. I personally think that the book would have worked better if Thomas dealt with the past first and then made her way to the present instead of mixing it up. Catherine and Leighton eventually work out their differences and clear up big misunderstandings that happened in their past. They had great chemistry and great adventures just a very chaotic storyline. Also, because there is so much going on I never really understood Leighton. I didn’t really get him as a character. I really liked Catherine and I think this book would have worked better if it was an adventure instead of a romance. Overall, I will continue to read Thomas and anyone that likes a book packed with adventure, mystery and travel will enjoy this book. 
My Beautiful Enemy (The Heart of Blade Duology #2)

Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna Wylde

Four Stars
Library copy
As I continue my Reaper’s binge, I jumped into Reaper’s Legacy, the second book in the series. Just like the Reaper’s Stand, this book focuses on The Motorcycle Club, The Reapers. The main characters of this book are Sophie and Regar.

When the story begins Sophie is losing her virginity to Zach Barrett, her boyfriend and Regar’s step-brother. Regar walks in on them and Sophie is mortified. Zach turns out to be a deadbeat. Regar however fills in for Zach. When Sophie finds out she is pregnant it’s Regar who steps in and helps her with Noah, her son. Although Regar has very strong feelings for Sophie he realizes the complexity of the situation.

The story fast forwards eight years ahead and Sophie is living on her own with Noah outside of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. When her son finds himself in trouble he calls Uncle Regar that has always been there for him. Regar jumps on his bike with his friend Horse and they run to rescue Noah. When Regar sees how Sophie and Noah are living he tells Sophie that they are going to live with him.

So Sophie, I wasn’t really crazy about her. I wanted to like her more than I actually did. She really seemed so clueless all time. It was like she could not make a decision for herself to save her or her sons life. Regar was also not a fantastic hero. He was pretty awful, except for his never-ending devotion to Sophie and Noah. Although Regar doesn’t know how to handle his feelings for Sophie he is always ready to be there for Noah.

When Sophie and Regar finally give into their feelings for one another Sophie tells Regar that she wants complete devotion, in other words he can’t be with other women, he tells her… He won’t bring any women home!!!!??? I know!!!??? This is why I’m addicted to these books, THEY ARE CRAZY! So Sophie isn’t having it and I actually applauded her for once doing something that was not dimwitted.

Sophie and Regar are both so infuriating. They are both so complex and both made me want to scream with frustration, but I could not put this book down! Just like in The Reaper’s Stand, which I heard on audio, there is a lot of drama, and violence and vulgar language. Nonetheless, I’m continuing my Reaper’s Binge and my next book is “The Devil’s Game, which is Em and Liam “Hunters” story.
Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2)

Upon Your Honor (Heiresses in Love Series, #2) by Marie Lavender

Four Stars

Copy received from publisher for an honest review

I love when I discover a new author and when I love their writing.  However, there is always the question (especially when I’m not familiar with the authors work) am I going to like the next book as much as I loved the first?  I’m glad to say that with the Heiresses in Love Series the answer is yes!  I thought that this story was just as engaging as her previous one.  I also love when an author jumps into the story.  I personally don’t care for stories that go on and on and you think, what is the point?  Lavender grabbed my attention from page one.


I only have two complaints.  One the death and alone maiden were done in the previous story and two the meeting on the ship was too… I would have liked that the storyline was a little different from her previous book “Upon Your Return”.  The hero, Gabriel Hill was a great character. He was a true gentleman and a genuinely good guy.  He saw that Chloe, our heroine, was in trouble and immediately stepped up to help her.  Lamonte Beckett, Chloe’s fiancé was a true villain.  He was awful and he added a sense of excitement to Chloe and Gabriel’s story.  Chloe was a great heroine.  She was very similar to the previous heroine but still enjoyable.  Although I read both books in the series, and I think it’s more rewarding to read them together, this  novel is a standalone and just as enjoyable. I’m keeping my eye out for the next book in the series!

Upon Your Honor (Heiresses in Love Series, #2)

What a Duke Dares (Sons of Sin, #3) by Anna Campbell

Copy received for an honest review
Three stars
This was my first venture with Anna Campbell. I was really looking forward to reading her book because she has such great reviews. I also really enjoyed the plot. The spirited heroine (Miss Penelope Thorne) and the unrequited love she had with the Duke of Sedgemoor.

Penelope and Camden grew up together. They were childhood friends. When the story begins Cam is proposing to Pen for various reasons, none of them include love. Pen refuses to settle for a loveless marriage. She refuses Cam and she takes off to travel the continent. The story skips to the present day where Cam is trying to track down Pen after promising her brother on his dead bed that he would bring her back. Pen is in a lot of trouble. She is held at gun point when Cam finally finds her and essentially rescues her.

When they reunited their feelings for each other have not changed. Cam explains to Pen that she needs to go back home and that her brother has passed. Although they face a difficult journey back they both agree to return to England. On their journey back Cam and Pen flip back and forth… They love each other they don’t love each other.

Cam and Pen were enjoyable characters but it seemed that they were not true to their own characters. Pen was supposed to be a fearless adventurer but there were times that she seemed flaky. Cam was also enjoyable but there were moments when his indecisiveness was overly done.

Overall, this was an interesting story. I loved the first part but the constant changing of their minds made the story drag. Cam wants Pen to marry him she refuses. He tells her that he will marry another woman she is heartbroken… Needless to say this aspect of the story became very tedious. The author also introduced a secondary story line with two other couples, Harry and Sophia. I have to confess I could not have cared less for them. I usually put the story down at this point and moved to another book. It seemed to me that the author did not have enough of Pen and Cam’s own story to go on without including Harry and Sophia.

The adventure parts of the story were really exciting and fun. The author did a great job of making their adventures fun and exciting. I plan to read more books by her, but for me this was an enjoyable read but nothing I felt overly wowed by. 
What a Duke Dares (Sons of Sin, #3)

For Her Protection (Personal Protection, #1) by Amber A. Bardan

Copy received for an honest review
Three Stars
Sometimes you need a book like “For Her Protection” by Amber A. Bardan. It’s a fun chemistry packed book. From page one the story takes off. The hero and heroine are both very high strung and they both don’t hold back. I’m glad to see that this is the first book in a series.

Charlize (loved the heroine’s name) is an alpha woman. She is not afraid and does not back down from anything or anyone. She is trying to make it in her job which is a male dominated field. The odds are stack against her. Her co-workers resent her authority and her equals try to make her life impossible. Charlize is not thwarted by these odds, she is determined to make her family’s business. She is smart and beautiful and worthy of the position of CEO. That is coupled with some scary situations where she needs physical protection.

Connor is a no-nonsense-drop-dead-gorgeous-but-kicking alpha man. The minute him and Charlize meet they have instant chemistry and are equal forces of nature. He teaches a self -defense class at Charlize’s cousin’s gym. He also owns his own protection/ bodyguard company. Their first scene together was hilarious. Connor was a great character. He is all rough and tough on the outside and also very sweet and caring on the inside. There was no way anyone was harming Charlize the minute he became involved.

How do they become “involved”? When Charlize fears for her safety she has to hire some protection-enter Connor. Both she and Connor are very hard-headed and neither wants to back down. Charlize doesn’t want him protecting her and he wants things done his way. Overall, this was a great read. The conversations between them made me blush. Neither one of these characters holds back. Their chemistry is incredible, first three pages and you can feel the energy between them. The theme of suspense was also interesting as Connor tries to keep Charlize safe from harm. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting read, this is the book for you. I can’t wait for the next one in the series!
For Her Protection  (Personal Protection, #1)

Engaging the Earl (Accidental Peers #4) by Diana Quincy

Three Stars
Copy received for an honest review
I should know by now that when I pick up a book by Diana Quincy I’m going to enjoy the book and it’s going to be different than any other book. That was the case with “Engaging the Earl”. I really liked and enjoyed the characters and the plot. Her writing was, once again, engaging and it flowed. I also found her plot to be unique and there were some events I never expected.

When the story begins we have Katherine and Edward madly in love with each other. They want to be together but Katherine, or Kit as she is known to her friends, encourages Edward to run away with her so that they can marry. She knows that her father will never approve of the match because Edward is not titled. Edward doesn’t want to dishonor Kit by running away with her, plus they are only 16 at the time. Edward leaves to fight in the war and Kit wants nothing more to do with him.

The story picks up six years later when Kit is engaged to one of the most eligible men of the ton. They are perfectly matched since Kit is considered one of the most sought after ladies in society. Although Kit still has Edward in her heart she believes that he forgot about her and it’s time for her to marry and move on. As would be expected Edward returns but he is not the same man. He is no longer the naïve young man that Kit knew. He is almost a stranger to Kit. When Kit sees Edward she immediately feels the same way for him all over again. I’m not giving too much away this happens in the very beginning of the book. Both Edward and Kit were fantastic characters. Kit was a great heroine. Although Edward was very confusing to figure out at times she had her mind set on him and she was not afraid to go after what she wanted. Edward for his part was a wonderful hero. He not only earned a titled-he was given the title of Earl-but he was a great guy. He wanted only the best for Kit and in his mind the best was not him. Edward was very badly wounded, both physically and psychologically, by the war and although he returns home to England a hero, he sees himself as dead inside and beyond repair.

Although these two have enough going against them there are other characters that add to their conflict. Kit’s fiancé, Laurie, Viscount Lawrence Sinclair and also Elena, the Maid of Malagon. Elena was a great character and I really liked her. Also. There are Kit’s parents who don’t approve of the union and then Lexi Campbell. A little nobody who blackmails Edward. My all -time favorite was Vera, for me she was the unifying force for Kit and Edward. So what were so of my issues? First, I really enjoyed the story. I love Quincy’s creativity and her very unique storylines. I just one big issue with a theme that ran throughout this story. I don’t want to give it away but it damped the book for me. Also, there was so much going on! I think Kit and Edward had enough to contend with without all the extras. Also, all the people that were opposed to Kit and Edward’s union were suddenly in favor… Even her maid that loathed him… Overall, I really enjoyed this story and will continue to read more of Quincy’s writing. I highly recommend and enjoyed this book and anyone that is looking for a great read will enjoy it as well.
Engaging the Earl (Accidental Peers, #4)

No in Between (Inside Out, #4) by Lisa Renee Jones- Audiobook

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Four Stars
I have a couple of confessions to make. First, I saw this book on Goodreads and it had such great reviews I jumped at the chance to hear it on audio. I had no idea what I was getting into. Also, I didn’t realize that the series started with three previous books, which I have not heard or read. Another confession, I could not stop listening!

When the story begins, Sarah and Mark are on a plane returning from Paris. They are obviously in love and are coming back from some dramatic event. Obviously, it makes more sense to read all the books in a series first but I think in a way it kept me more intrigued. I kept thinking, what happened? Who are they talking about? For anyone that doesn’t know the back story, Sarah finds a diary that belongs to Rebecca. In this diary she describes an erotic, pleasure clubs and dominant/submissive lifestyle. Sarah becomes intrigued with Rebecca and wants to find out what happened to her. In the process she starts to live Rebecca’s life and starts to work in an art gallery, owned by Mark and she also meets Chris-a famous artist. This apparently happened in the previous books.

A couple of things are clear. First, the mystery surrounding Rebecca’s death continues. There were not too many answers found in this book. Although there is a montage of characters from the previous book, it also becomes clear that in the mist of the storyline, this book is really just a bridge for the other books.

While I was listening to Chris and Sarah’s relationship I keep thinking it was just another 50 Shades of Grey type book. Although in some aspects it is, in other aspects it really stood out. Sarah and Chris are still working on their relationship. They are fully committed to each other but still have insecurities. I found this a little surprising since this is the fourth book in the series. Also, another aspect that stood out is that Chris’ past seems to still affect his relationship with Sarah and even though she wants to accept and love him, she still has some doubts. Sarah and Chris participate in the dominant/submissive lifestyle. Chris seems to still struggle with some aspects of his needs with his relationship.

In the mist of Chris and Sarah is Mark. He is the owner of the art gallery and he seemed to have wanted a type of relationship with Sarah. The author introduces another character that seems to be Mark’s love interest in future books. I was intrigued by Mark and I can’t wait to read more about him. Besides all these characters there is still questions surrounding Rebecca. Chris and Sarah are suspects in another girl’s death as well. There is yet another storyline with the police and detectives and also characters from previous books that want to harm Chris, Sarah and possibly even Mark.

Last confession, I was so intrigued and captivated by the characters. Hearing the book was almost addictive. I was constantly wanting to know more, understand more, and find out more. Needless to say this is a series I will be reading. I think that the author must drag out the story lines but the characters that she keeps introducing are interesting. I’m looking forward to reading about Mark and Crystal in the upcoming books!

The narrator was very good. I think at times she portrays Sarah as confident and other times as uncertain and scared, which is an accurate characterization. I will forewarn that this is a series that will grab your attention!

No in Between (Inside Out, #4)

What a Wallflower Wants (Bad Boys & Wallflowers #3) by Maya Rodale

sooooo sooo good!!!!

Four Stars
Copy received for an honest review

I love when one of my favorite authors does not disappoint! Maya Rodale is such a smart writer! She always pushes the limits with her hero and heroine. Although the previous (Bad Boys & Wallflowers #3) were lighter, the material covered in this book is dark and uncomfortable, but it does not in any way take away from the story. I also applaud Ms. Rodale for using her literary voice to discuss the importance of the issues she covered in this story. Her writing is always enjoyable and her characters are always lovable!

In the previous “Bad Boys and Wallflowers” books we saw how her two friends and former wallflowers, Emma and Olivia, find their true loves. Prudence is happy for her friends but realizes that her chances at true love were over many years ago. She finally takes her fate into her own hands, although she has always been happy sitting in the shadows and hiding, she does not want to be a failure. During her adventure her plans go awry and she finds herself completely alone on the roadside of a small town.

When we meet Prudence she is beaten down by life. She has given up all hope, she is jaded by men and by her fate. Enter our hero: John Roark, Viscount Castleton. I just loved John! He was so sweet and caring and fantastic. He gave Prudence insight into herself again and helped her find her own strength.

I highly recommend this fantastic novel. There are many twists and turns. Although the first half of the book is mostly about Prudence the second part is more about discovering who John is and how they become a couple. They both have heavy burdens to carry but both are worthy of a happily-ever-after. The ending does not disappoint, the villains are so vile that there is only satisfaction when they get what they deserve! Bravo Prudence, you were an admirable heroine and bravo Maya Rodale another fantastic read! 

What a Wallflower Wants (Bad Boys & Wallflowers, #3)

How the Scoundrel Seduces (The Duke's Men #3) by Sabrina Jeffries

Copy received from publisher for an honest review
Five stars
Dear Sabrina Jeffries, I love you! Such an amazing story, writer and plot. First, there is no denying the talent of Ms. Jeffries! She is hands down fantastic. But her storylines!!! Where does she come up with all these fantastic ideas? How the Scoundrel Seduces is the third book in “The Duke’s Men” series. I’m so annoyed that I did not read What the Duke Desires (The Duke's Men, #1) first. But I loved “When the Rogue Returns” and I could not wait to read Lady Zoe Keane and Tristan Bonnaud’s story! I could tell in “When the Rogue Returns” that they were going to be a fun and interesting couple and I was right!

Lady Zoe is my type of heroine! She is a do-what-I-want type of heroine. She is brave, warm-hearted and a risk taker. She is not one to sit back and see what happens. She has decided to take her destiny in her hands when she finds out from her aunt that her parents might not really be her parents… This raises a number of difficulties form Lady Zoe since, although she is in a unique position and she will inherit her father’s lands and title, her American cousin could fight the inheritance. Her father refuses to discuss her lineage with her so she decides that she will consult The Duke’s Men and call in a favor they owe her.

Lady Zoe is not the only one with inheritance problems. Tristan also has had difficulties since his half- brother George count him and his brother Dom off. Although Tristan and Dom’s father left them both in the will George took matters into his own hands. Tristan is driven by revenge and also the remorse of how he handled his family’s situation when his father died. Because both Tristan and Dom were illegitimate they encounter some obstacles. When Lady Zoe approaches them about her “true” family Tristan is the natural choice for the case because of his shared history with the gypsies. (Lady Zoe believes that her mother was Drina a gypsy abandoned by her family).

Without giving too much away (which is hard because I want to discuss every aspect of this fantastic story!) I will say I loved all the characters in the story! George was so despicable… He was a true villain! Dom is such a great character! I cannot wait to read about him and Lady Jane. Even the Earl of Olivier was a great character. There were so many twist and turns! This story was Sabrina Jeffries-Fabulous!!! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for Dom’s story!
How the Scoundrel Seduces (The Duke's Men, #3)

Never Marry a Viscount (Scandal at the House of Russell, #3) by Anne Stuart

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Three Stars

Anne Stuart is one of my favorite writers. She has written some of the most villainous, horrible reformed hero’s I have ever read about. So I have very high expectations for her. Anytime I see anything new by her I jump at the chance to read it.

“Never Marry a Viscount” is the final book in the (Scandal at the House of Russell #3) trilogy. I read the first book, “Never Kiss a Rake” but I have not read the second one, “Never Trust a Pirate”. Basically the same plot occurs in all three books. The three sisters, Bryony, Maddie and Sophie are living in disgrace. Their father died and left the daughters ruined. Many believe that he tried to steal money and business from his investors and that he was not actually murdered. The sisters believe otherwise, they know that there was foul play and want to find out who murdered their father. Byrony, the oldest sister believes that Adrian Bruton, Earl of Kilmartyn is the one responsible for her father’s death. Madeleine believes that Captain Thomas Morgan is responsible and Sophie believes that Viscount Griffiths is. All three sisters somehow infiltrated the lives of these suspected murders to uncover the truth.

I liked the idea of the plot I just think that it was over done in the three stories. I would have liked it better if the story lines were not repeated in three books. Sophie was a great character and I really enjoyed her spirit. Griffiths was also a great character but his villainous ways were not really that terrible. He is really just after Sophie the entire book. Granted he was under the impression that her purpose in his household was of a different nature. I personally found the confusion a little to drawn out.

Both Sophie and Griffiths had good chemistry but as I mentioned before, I love Anne Stuart and hold her to a very high standard. Since this is the last book in the series the other sisters make an appearance. The true identity of the murder is also known. I’m looking forward to reading more of Anne Stuarts books! She is still one of my favorite authors.
Never Marry a Viscount (Scandal at the House of Russell, #3)

Scandal And The Duchess (MacKenzies & McBrides, #6.5) by Jennifer Ashley

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Four Stars
Jennifer Ashley is one of those authors I keep wanting to read. But I always get distracted with another book or something happens. When I saw the audiobook available I jumped at the chance to hear it! I had heard so many great reviews about her books. I’m glad that I was not disappointed!

First the hero and the heroine were so much fun! This is a short audiobook and the actual story is only 160 pages. It was short, but very sweet and gratifying! Ashley portrays a very modern issue in a historical context, which I thought was fun! Our heroine, Rose Barclay is a “fallen” woman. She is considered scandalous after her older husband suddenly dies a short while after their marriage. She has no resources available to her since her deceased husbands son has cut her off without any means. Rose is living with a footman and his wife. Because of her scandalous marriage the press is always hounding her. They follow her around waiting for another scandalous thing to occur.

Steven McBride is a soldier and one of the famous McBride brothers, unfortunately I have not read any of the previous books in the series so there were some characters that I did not know. That however did not impede my enjoyment of this story. Steven, the youngest brother, is basically drunk off his butt when he literally falls on top of Rose. Since Rose is constantly hounded by reporters this does not go unnoticed. Rose feels terrible because of her reputation and takes Steven to her footman’s house to help him in his very drunken stupor. When Steven realizes that Rose is in need of help he steps in to help her. I really liked Steven and Rose as a couple. Although most of the story is centered around Rose, there are a couple of surprises surrounding Steven as well.

There were so many different aspects of this story that I really loved and thought that the author dealt with in a creative manner. First, there was a mystery to be solved. I thought this was a fun part of the story. It really cemented Steven and Roses relationship as they worked together to unravel it. It also added another element to the story. I thought that the way the author interjected it was very clever. Also, I really liked that the author had other family members from the previous books appear. It only sparked my interest in reading the other books in the series.

My only issue with the story was Roses marriage to the Duke of Southdown. It really disturbed me. There seemed to be a significant age difference between them and Rose seems to have viewed him as a father and did not express romantic feelings for him. I kept waiting for there to be some big secret as to why she really married him. My only complaint about the narration is that at first it was too fast. I had to go back and listen to it again a couple of times because she spoke too fast. This was an enjoyable experience. I really liked the characters and the plot. I’m excited and looking forward to hearing the next book, “Rules For A Proper Governess (MacKenzies & McBrides #7). Stay tuned for that review!
Scandal And The Duchess (MacKenzies & McBrides, #6.5)

The Accidental Countess (Playful Brides #2) by Valerie Bowman

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*Copy received for an honest review

When I read “The Accidental Duchess (Playful Brides #1) I fell in love with Valerie Bowman. It was such a fantastic, hilarious, entertaining book I was eager to read “The Accidental Countess (Playful Brides #2).

A little bit of background: Lady Cassandra is friends with Lady Lucy Upton who was in the heroine in the first book. Where Lucy is straightforward and doesn’t hold back Cassandra is shy and timid. They are also friends with Jane Lowndes who is a bluestocking. The friendship between the three heroines is very entertaining because they can’t help but get into trouble at every twist and turn.

Cassandra has been in love with her cousin’s fiancé for many years-Julian. So in love that she correspondence with Julian without him knowing it’s her. Julian returns from war and he is eager to break off his engagement but he stops off at a house party first. At this house party Lucy comes up with a plan to disguise Cassandra as Patience Bunbury.

I have a couple of confessions to make. First, I wanted to love this story and I didn’t. I hate that I didn’t because I loved the previous book so much. One of my issues was that Cassandra and Julian don’t meet until 30% of the book. I personally love to see if characters have chemistry from the beginning. Lucy and Derek were so hilarious and they were so much fun I anticipated the same friction. The first part of the book is Lucy scheming of how to set up Cassandra and Julian. Another part was that the whole plot seemed really silly and it was really disappointing. The girls introduce Cassandra as this fictional person in the hopes that what? How was Julian going to fall in love with Patience and then be ok with her really being Cassandra the real person that corresponded with him? I know the plot was intended to be cute but it seemed to me to be ridiculous.

Also, although there were some funny and cute moments, Cassandra and Julian didn’t overly impress me as a couple. They did build a friendship all those years ago writing back and forth with one another but I was not impressed with Cassandra’s willingness to present herself as someone else. I also didn’t like when she would question Julian about things in his life that she already knew because they corresponded with each other.

So although the story was cute and I enjoyed it… I still felt a little let down. That doesn’t mean I’m not counting down until the next book “The Unlikely Lady.” Jane and Garretts story seems like it will be a lot of fun! So even though this was a little lackluster for me, I do have to add that it has received excellent reviews, I’m still eagerly awaiting the next book!
The Accidental Countess (Playful Brides, #2)

ARC Review: Moonlight on My Mind by Jennifer McQuiston

 Three Stars
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*ARC received for an honest review

This was a tough one for me. I had a couple of issues with this story but the whodunit aspect kept me going. First, let’s start with our “heroine” Juliana Baxter. I had a hard time figuring out how she was a heroine. In my opinion, she boarded on being a villain. Although, I love strong-willed, I-do-what-I want- heroines, she was beyond all this. She was so spoiled, self-absorbed and wreck-less. She pushed people around just to get her way. When the story begins she is picking between two brothers and decides leans towards one after he kisses her. Then after sharing a kiss with Patrick (the less important, second son) she accuses him of murdering his brother!!! So one would think, ok she is a witness to a murder… she wasn’t!! Apparently our ego-centric, spoiled heroine has bad eyesight! Seriously, I couldn’t deal with her after discovering this…She basically ruins this family’s life and causes the death of Patrick’s father. How I will let readers decide from themselves. I have to confess she is the first heroine that I truly disliked. I kept hoping Patrick would come to his senses and leave her (a first for me). Once she becomes the Countess she continues to push people around and demand the respect that is entitled to her…(deep sigh). Really… I had a lot of issues with her as a “heroine”.

Patrick was definitely more likeable although he was full of contradictions. He is the less important-second son. He becomes a veterinarian to try and have a purpose since he is of no importance to the family. After being accused of killing his older brother he hides out in Scotland until his father can figure out what really happened during this ill-fated hunt that took his older sons life. While Patrick is hiding out is father dies and Juliana brings him the news. So Patrick, was also very frustrating because he knows that Juliana is a “handful” to put it nicely but he is still attracted to her and realizes that he has to marry her for both their mutual benefits. Once Patrick realizes that the death of his father and brother were not accidental he becomes more active in his destiny. He realizes that his life could be in danger and stops moping about what has happened to his life after his brother’s death.

Once the murder mystery began to be introduced into the story-line it began to pick up, although it was more than half-way through. What I did like about this story was the supporting characters. Patrick was fortunate to be surrounded by friends that really gave him good advice and looked out for him. The identity of the killer was a no-brainer for me. Once the characters were introduced it was easy to figure out who would benefit from all these deaths. But if you’re looking for romance/murder mystery you will enjoy this story.

Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers #3) by Sarah Morgan

Copy from publisher for an honest review
Four stars
This was my first read by Sarah Morgan! I can't believe that I have never come across her before. I have definitely been missing out! Although this is part of a series, I did not miss out on any parts of the story but I do want to read about this fun family. The O'Neils sound like a great and interesting family.

This is the first book that I have ever read where the chemistry between the characters was felt before they even have a scene together! Their history was so rich and their feelings so strong that I immediately wanted things to work out for them!
Tyler O’Neil was such a great dad and guy. The scenes with his teenage daughter was sweet, heartwarming and funny. Jess, his teenage daughter, was also a great character. I thought the author really showed a genuine relationship between father and daughter. Their mutual vulnerabilities, as they figure out each other and their importance in each other’s live. Because they spent so much time apart these feelings were more than authentic.

Brenna was a great heroine. Although Tyler is an ex-skiing god, she definitely held her own. I loved that the author really took time to develop their story and it was not all physically based even though they have a strong attraction to each other. The small town feel was also a great setting for these two to finally have their Happily –ever-after. Great read! 
Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)

Too Hot to Handle (The Boys of Summer #2) by Katie Rose

Three Stars
This was my first time reading Katie Rose. “Too Hot to Handle” was the second book in the Boys of Summer series. The story centers on a baseball team- The New Jersey Sonics. Their image is in need of repair and Nikki Case is called in to help turn the team’s image around. The Sonics are unpolished, they constantly get into fights and they have a bad rap.

Nikki is a PR Guru. She is tough and confident. She was previously married but when her husband developed a gambling problem and racked up debt it ended in divorce. Since then, Nikki is focused on rebuilding her life and starting her career. She is all business and no nonsense. Needless to say the bad boys of baseball don’t want their imaged repaired and they definitely don’t want to play by Nikki’s rules. Nikki is not going to be intimidated, she gets the team to polish their image and gets them into better shape. Although the management is happy the players are not.

One player in particular, Jake Baldwin- the shortstop, is fascinated with Nikki. When one of the players challenges him that he can’t win over Nikki Jake takes up the challenge. Jake is very laid back. He has an image as a ladies man but he is also a great leader for the team. When Nikki doesn’t fall all over herself when he pays her any attention he is even more intrigued.

Nikki and Jake had fun chemistry. They were both fun characters to read about. Nikki tries to resist Jake but eventually she convinces herself that a small fling won’t harm anyone. She also convinces herself that all she wants is a short fling. Jake realizes that things might get complicated for him and Nikki if they get involved but he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity with her.

This was a cute story. I really liked the characters and the writing of the author. I personally think that Nikki gave in too quickly to Jake. Also, I wasn’t too happy with how the author handled Jake’s cold feet. Throughout their entire relationship Jakes was really into Nikki until all of the sudden he realizes that she deserves a white picket fence and a serious relationship. I wasn’t convinced about how this was a conflict. Also, I didn’t get how Chase and Darcy didn’t progress in their relationship. They were in the previous book but it seemed that their relationship was not that serious. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by the author.
Too Hot to Handle (The Boys of Summer, #2)

He's No Prince Charming (Ever After #1) by Elle Daniels

Four Stars
Elle Daniels writes a very entertaining story in "He's No Prince Charming." The hero is wounded and scared. The heroine has wounds of her own but she is more willing to take a chance on love. Following the theme of "Beauty and the Beast" Marcus is feared by society and called "The Beast" behind his back. Danielle has a very rare hobby, she helps people elope when they are in love. When she helps Marcus' ex-fiancee, Marcus decides that she will be the one to help him find his next bride. Although Marcus does not want to marry he has to because of terms stipulated in his fathers will. These characters were both very endearing. The storyline was very creative. Although some aspects were a stretch of the imagination, I could not help enjoy this story and I cannot wait to read the next books, I sensed two up-coming story lines!
He's No Prince Charming (Ever After, #1)

Love's Legacy (The Worth Brothers #3) by Joan Avery

Four Stars
This is not my first time reading Joan Avery so I thought I knew what to expect. What a bunch of twist and turns! I could not put this book down! I finished it in one seating. Since I read so many romance novels I thought that I had it all figured out. I thought I knew what would happen in the storyline, but I really did not. The author had a lot of surprises in store.

First, our heroine Elizabeth Malfonte is a widow. She is traveling to Granada when she takes a two year position as a governess. Elizabeth has recently lost her husband, a soldier. She is all alone with no one to turn to. When she arrives in Granada there is one event after another! 

Our hero-Geoffrey Worth. I disliked him so much I thought I would never be able to like him. I kept thinking “what a disgusting, horrible man!” That I ended up loving him at the end is a testament to this author! Avery really ripped my heart out and grabbed my full and undivided attention! There were so many layers to this story that I kept just thinking “wow, I did not see that coming!” 

I’m not the only one that did not like our hero. Elizabeth is also repulsed by Geoffrey. He is a cold and horrible man who treats his only daughter so callously and so cold. It’s difficult to understand him. As Elizabeth and Geoffrey spend time together they come to understand each other. Both Elizabeth and Geoffrey carry many secrets with them. Many aspects of Geoffrey’s past come back to “haunt.”

Overall, this was a very good book. Both the hero and heroine were intriguing. I loved their chemistry but also their ability to heal each other and to come together. There were parts that my heart ached for them. There is a lot of drama in this book and sometimes it’s very dark but I could not put it down! I highly recommend this book and really enjoyed it. It will definitely be a book that I remember.
Love's Legacy (Entangled Scandalous)

The Paris Widow by Kimberly Belle

  THE PARIS WIDOW  Author: Kimberly Belle Publication Date: June 11, 2024 ISBN: 9780778307976 Format: Trade Paperback Publisher: Harlequin ...