Friday, January 30, 2015

Upon Your Honor (Heiresses in Love Series, #2) by Marie Lavender

Four Stars

Copy received from publisher for an honest review

I love when I discover a new author and when I love their writing.  However, there is always the question (especially when I’m not familiar with the authors work) am I going to like the next book as much as I loved the first?  I’m glad to say that with the Heiresses in Love Series the answer is yes!  I thought that this story was just as engaging as her previous one.  I also love when an author jumps into the story.  I personally don’t care for stories that go on and on and you think, what is the point?  Lavender grabbed my attention from page one.


I only have two complaints.  One the death and alone maiden were done in the previous story and two the meeting on the ship was too… I would have liked that the storyline was a little different from her previous book “Upon Your Return”.  The hero, Gabriel Hill was a great character. He was a true gentleman and a genuinely good guy.  He saw that Chloe, our heroine, was in trouble and immediately stepped up to help her.  Lamonte Beckett, Chloe’s fianc√© was a true villain.  He was awful and he added a sense of excitement to Chloe and Gabriel’s story.  Chloe was a great heroine.  She was very similar to the previous heroine but still enjoyable.  Although I read both books in the series, and I think it’s more rewarding to read them together, this  novel is a standalone and just as enjoyable. I’m keeping my eye out for the next book in the series!

Upon Your Honor (Heiresses in Love Series, #2)

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