Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Debutante Dilemma by Valerie Bowman

 I have been a fan of Valerie for many books now:) I especially love her series! I really enjoy the way she drops characters in her series and then we cannot wait to see how their story unfolds.  Page 1 had me hooked on Jessica and Adrien's story. I really liked both characters. I loved the way their friendship unfolded. I also loved her twin sister, Eliza's subplot. I personally think that Bowman is a master at subplots. I was hooked on Jessica and Adrien when I read "Marques Moves". Now I am anticipating Eliza's story, but that does not mean that I was not rooting for Jessica and Adrien. I really loved their banter. I loved their enemy to friends storyline. This is a perfect summer read! thank you to the author for allowing me to dive in and read this delightful and sweet story!

The Scandalous Ladies of London #2 The Duchess: The Scandalous Ladies of London

Classic Sophie Jordan! I really , really enjoyed this book. I could not wait to read about Valencia! I thought her story was very unique... ...