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No in Between (Inside Out, #4) by Lisa Renee Jones- Audiobook

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Four Stars
I have a couple of confessions to make. First, I saw this book on Goodreads and it had such great reviews I jumped at the chance to hear it on audio. I had no idea what I was getting into. Also, I didn’t realize that the series started with three previous books, which I have not heard or read. Another confession, I could not stop listening!

When the story begins, Sarah and Mark are on a plane returning from Paris. They are obviously in love and are coming back from some dramatic event. Obviously, it makes more sense to read all the books in a series first but I think in a way it kept me more intrigued. I kept thinking, what happened? Who are they talking about? For anyone that doesn’t know the back story, Sarah finds a diary that belongs to Rebecca. In this diary she describes an erotic, pleasure clubs and dominant/submissive lifestyle. Sarah becomes intrigued with Rebecca and wants to find out what happened to her. In the process she starts to live Rebecca’s life and starts to work in an art gallery, owned by Mark and she also meets Chris-a famous artist. This apparently happened in the previous books.

A couple of things are clear. First, the mystery surrounding Rebecca’s death continues. There were not too many answers found in this book. Although there is a montage of characters from the previous book, it also becomes clear that in the mist of the storyline, this book is really just a bridge for the other books.

While I was listening to Chris and Sarah’s relationship I keep thinking it was just another 50 Shades of Grey type book. Although in some aspects it is, in other aspects it really stood out. Sarah and Chris are still working on their relationship. They are fully committed to each other but still have insecurities. I found this a little surprising since this is the fourth book in the series. Also, another aspect that stood out is that Chris’ past seems to still affect his relationship with Sarah and even though she wants to accept and love him, she still has some doubts. Sarah and Chris participate in the dominant/submissive lifestyle. Chris seems to still struggle with some aspects of his needs with his relationship.

In the mist of Chris and Sarah is Mark. He is the owner of the art gallery and he seemed to have wanted a type of relationship with Sarah. The author introduces another character that seems to be Mark’s love interest in future books. I was intrigued by Mark and I can’t wait to read more about him. Besides all these characters there is still questions surrounding Rebecca. Chris and Sarah are suspects in another girl’s death as well. There is yet another storyline with the police and detectives and also characters from previous books that want to harm Chris, Sarah and possibly even Mark.

Last confession, I was so intrigued and captivated by the characters. Hearing the book was almost addictive. I was constantly wanting to know more, understand more, and find out more. Needless to say this is a series I will be reading. I think that the author must drag out the story lines but the characters that she keeps introducing are interesting. I’m looking forward to reading about Mark and Crystal in the upcoming books!

The narrator was very good. I think at times she portrays Sarah as confident and other times as uncertain and scared, which is an accurate characterization. I will forewarn that this is a series that will grab your attention!

No in Between (Inside Out, #4)

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