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Earls Just Want to Have Fun (Covent Garden Cubs, #1)

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Earls Just Want to Have Fun (Covent Garden Cubs, #1)
Shana Galen is such a fun author! I have a list of her books that I want to read. The last book of hers that I read was “Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (Jewels of the Ton, #3) , which I loved. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to read “Earls Just Want to Have Fun” which kicks off the “Covent Garden Cubs” series. Whereas her other book was about a group of females that are undercover spies this one has a “My Fair lady” / “Pygmalion” feel to it. Marlowe or Lady Elizabeth as she is known at the beginning of the story is a pick pocket. She lives in London’s Seven Dials. One day a private detective that has been hired by her family to find her takes her to his home. Unfortunately, since he is busy with his work he leaves her with his brother, Maxwell, Lord Dane.

Although Marlowe comes from a well-off family she grew up on the streets as part of a gang. She survived pickpocketing and in very dismissal living situations. When she is sent to live with Lord Dane she is very rough around the edges, to say the least. Her manner of speaking and her appearance are not that of a lady but a homeless girl that grew up on the streets. Maxwell is not very impressed with Marlowe and it takes a lot of work on his part and his sister’s part to make her presentable. As Marlowe begins to transform, Maxwell begins to see her real beauty and falls in love with her. Marlowe doesn’t take to kindly to being held “prisoner” by Maxwell and she spends a large part of her time trying to escape but she starts to wonder, where is she escaping back to? The Seven Dials? Living on the streets without food or a clean place to sleep?

First, I really enjoyed the story, I also enjoyed the authors writing style and the plot. I thought both were very creative. As seems to be Galen’s style, she writes in many funny parts and witty conversations, which I love.

So, why didn’t I rate it higher? I had two big issues with this story. One was the hero. I liked him but I did not love him. At first he is so stuffy and stuck up, he is difficult to like. But that wasn’t the worst part for me. He decides that he is going to enjoy some “intimacies” with Marlowe even though no one knows if she is still Lady Elizabeth. So he basically decides that if she is a poor street thief or a lady he will share a night with her. She doesn’t refute him but he was so adamant that either way he would not marry her. I really disliked that he was willing to have his fun and cast her aside, even if she was willing. Second part of the story that I had a difficult time with was her reunion with her family. The entire reason that Marlowe is there is to discover if she is really the abducted Lady Elizabeth and the scene with her parents was very disappointing to me. Her father disregards her but her mother takes more of an interest. This scene with her parents fell flat for me because I thought it was rushed and there should have been more to it! They just found their lost daughter! Anyway, I will continue to read Galen and am hoping to catch up on her previous reads. I’m positive her fans will love this story!

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