Friday, January 30, 2015

Engaging the Earl (Accidental Peers #4) by Diana Quincy

Three Stars
Copy received for an honest review
I should know by now that when I pick up a book by Diana Quincy I’m going to enjoy the book and it’s going to be different than any other book. That was the case with “Engaging the Earl”. I really liked and enjoyed the characters and the plot. Her writing was, once again, engaging and it flowed. I also found her plot to be unique and there were some events I never expected.

When the story begins we have Katherine and Edward madly in love with each other. They want to be together but Katherine, or Kit as she is known to her friends, encourages Edward to run away with her so that they can marry. She knows that her father will never approve of the match because Edward is not titled. Edward doesn’t want to dishonor Kit by running away with her, plus they are only 16 at the time. Edward leaves to fight in the war and Kit wants nothing more to do with him.

The story picks up six years later when Kit is engaged to one of the most eligible men of the ton. They are perfectly matched since Kit is considered one of the most sought after ladies in society. Although Kit still has Edward in her heart she believes that he forgot about her and it’s time for her to marry and move on. As would be expected Edward returns but he is not the same man. He is no longer the naïve young man that Kit knew. He is almost a stranger to Kit. When Kit sees Edward she immediately feels the same way for him all over again. I’m not giving too much away this happens in the very beginning of the book. Both Edward and Kit were fantastic characters. Kit was a great heroine. Although Edward was very confusing to figure out at times she had her mind set on him and she was not afraid to go after what she wanted. Edward for his part was a wonderful hero. He not only earned a titled-he was given the title of Earl-but he was a great guy. He wanted only the best for Kit and in his mind the best was not him. Edward was very badly wounded, both physically and psychologically, by the war and although he returns home to England a hero, he sees himself as dead inside and beyond repair.

Although these two have enough going against them there are other characters that add to their conflict. Kit’s fiancé, Laurie, Viscount Lawrence Sinclair and also Elena, the Maid of Malagon. Elena was a great character and I really liked her. Also. There are Kit’s parents who don’t approve of the union and then Lexi Campbell. A little nobody who blackmails Edward. My all -time favorite was Vera, for me she was the unifying force for Kit and Edward. So what were so of my issues? First, I really enjoyed the story. I love Quincy’s creativity and her very unique storylines. I just one big issue with a theme that ran throughout this story. I don’t want to give it away but it damped the book for me. Also, there was so much going on! I think Kit and Edward had enough to contend with without all the extras. Also, all the people that were opposed to Kit and Edward’s union were suddenly in favor… Even her maid that loathed him… Overall, I really enjoyed this story and will continue to read more of Quincy’s writing. I highly recommend and enjoyed this book and anyone that is looking for a great read will enjoy it as well.
Engaging the Earl (Accidental Peers, #4)

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