Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Other Duke (The Notorious Flynns, #1) by Jess Michaels

I was drawn to this story line because I wanted to see how Jess Michaels would bring together Serafina McPhee and Raphael “Rafe” Flynn. I have always heard of this author but never read anything by her. I liked the plot that she lined up. Serafina is forced into an arranged marriage by her father. Although it has been a long engagement to the Duke of Hartholm they have finally set a wedding day. Serfina is not in love with the Duke of Hartholm. Besides the fact that they were not in love he is a pretty despicable man. When, days away from his wedding, he dies his inheritance, title, fiancée go to his cousin Rafe.
Rafe is a good guy. He never wanted to be Duke nor did he want the responsibility that went with this title. He realizes that he has to meet Serafina and intends to break off the engagement but her father made sure that the agreement was airtight and there is no way out of it. When Serafina and Rafe meet they realize that they have to complete their duties but they will each live their own lives once they have met the obligation of producing an heir.

I liked both Rafe and Serafina. They were both likeable characters and the author threw in a big secret that Serafina carried that absolutely blindsided me. I did not see it coming! Although I enjoyed seeing Rafe and Serafina fall in love there was no big “wow” factor for me. I thought they made a great couple but aside from their arranged marriage and her big secret their relationship goes pretty straightforward. The biggest challenge they encounter is when Serafina thinks that Rafe has taken up with his old mistress.

This was a cute story and I’m certain that Michaels’ fans will enjoy it. The scenes were interesting and so were the characters. Both came into the marriage with a sense of duty but it quickly turned into something else. I enjoyed this book and plan to read more by Michales.
The Other Duke (The Notorious Flynns, #1)

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