Friday, January 30, 2015

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward -Audiobook

Four Stars
Copy received for an honest review
When I was listening to “Lover Awakened” on audiobook I was intrigued by this series! Since I had so many questions about who these The Black Dagger Brother vampires were I wanted to go to the first book in the series. Although I have heard of JR Ward I have never read anything by her because paranormal is not a genre I immediately jump to. I saw this because I became so hooked on this series I checked out all available books.

So if anyone has not read the series, I’m happy to report that they can be read as a stand-alone. I didn’t learn too much in the first book that made Lover Awakened better or worse for me. I see that Ward typically has one couple that she focuses on but still has many other subplots going on at the same time.

In this story we learn about Wrath, he is blind and he also has a calling to lead the BDB but he has been refusing it. I really loved that Ward added that to the story. Darius is a very good friend of Wrath, they are brothers and fight against the Lessers. The lesser are soulless bad guys. They look like humans but obviously are not. They basically try to kill each other throughout the entire series. Darius is an aristocrat and he asks that Wrath protect his daughter who is a half breed. Beth is a human, or at least thinks she is. She has very alluring qualities but none that would lead anyone to suspect she is anything other than a beautiful woman. When Darius is killed he feels he needs to respect his good friends request and goes to look for Beth.

As can be expected Wrath falls in love with Beth. Although he doesn’t want any type of attachments he realizes that she will soon go through a transformation and she needs his help. I really liked both these characters. Beth was a great female lead. She was strong and not really ready to relinquish control of her life to a vampire. I thought that they were well matched. When Wrath falls for Beth he makes a promise to the Scribe Virgin-basically their god- that he will do anything she wants as long as Beth is safe. 

In this book we also meet Butch. Although he is not a vampire he becomes a big part of their group. Butch is a rough around the edges detective. He is attracted to Beth and when he meets Wrath he is determined to protect her from him. Butch also meets Marissa. She is feeds Wrath and is desperately in love with him but Wrath never felt anything for Marissa. Both Marissa and Butch get their own book and story but it’s easy to see their attraction to each other. 

It’s easy to see why Ward has been so successful in this series. She really develops fantastic characters. They become so real and you can’t help but wish them a happily-ever-after… or in this case a please, don’t let them get killed- after. The action scenes are also fantastic! I held my breath a couple of times because I was worried about what would happen next. There are still many books I have to read in the series but so far this has been a great adventure! Now I’m looking forward to seeing what Ward does with Phury and Butch! Although I’m reading Tohrment and loving it so far!
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

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