Friday, January 30, 2015

Nothing Personal (Paperback) by Jaci Burton -Audiobook

Three Stars
“Nothing Personal” is an earlier story by Jaci Burton. I haven’t read too much by her so I wanted to see what “Nothing Personal” would be like. Ryan McKay is a multi-millionaire. He is handsome, obviously very rich and very powerful. He has it all except the one thing he needs-a wife. Ryan doesn’t want to get marry but his grandfather stipulated in his will that Ryan could only inherit the family business if he was to get married and have a child. The terms of the will are very specific and if Ryan does not comply he loses the company that he has been working hard to run.

Faith Lewis has been working for Ryan for many years, fresh out of college she was highly recommended. Faith is nothing like Ryan. She is very insecure and has been in love with Ryan since she started working for him. When Ryan’s intended bride backs out of their intended marriage, Ryan is desperate because he does not want to lose his company. He asks faith if she will help him out and she says yes.

Ok, so Faith. For the first half of the book she was so spineless I don’t know how she didn’t just keel over. She was so insecure and so down on herself it was almost irritating. It seemed that she was grateful just to breathe and even at times she didn’t seem to deserve that. Ryan was so cold and unfeeling that I didn’t particularly care for him. 

BUT, and here is a big BUT. I really began to like them both. This is not instant-lust at first sight. Far from it. Ryan doesn’t even really care about Faith until he really starts to get to know her. Although they have worked together for years, Ryan was all business. I did have a couple of issues with the book. One it was super predictable. Faith was innocent and naïve to and extreme. But I liked how the author evolved some aspects of her but essentially still kept her as her own person. Ryan was harder to get. Since his parents, family were all cold and distant it makes sense that he was too, but I would have liked for him to have more depth. As expected he begins to fall in love with Faith and he realizes that he has been keeping people at arms lengths all his life. He also realizes that if he doesn’t do something quick he will lose Faith.

Although I had some issues with the story, when Faith and Ryan “break up” it was so sad and heartbreaking that I wanted them to work out their issues. The grandfathers will was a little far-fetched and the cousin that was supposed to oversee the authenticity of their marriage was a little creepy but overall I really enjoyed this story. I wanted the characters to be happy and I wanted to see how they would resolve their marriage. Also, I enjoyed the narration by Elizabeth Hart except that she made Faith sound so whiny it made her seem almost too childlike. But overall, her narration was enjoyable.
Nothing Personal

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