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The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (MacKenzies & McBrides, #1) by Jennifer Ashley -Audiobook

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Four Stars

When I reviewed “Scandal And The Duchess (MacKenzies & McBrides, #6.5 I became really interested in the McKenzie family. The bond between the brothers seemed so full of love and it was endearing to watch these rough and tough men love and support each other.

This story in particular “The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie” is one of those books that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. I have to say that Jennifer Ashley is talented, very precise and thorough in her storytelling. She really gets to the heart of her characters. She really knows how to plan out a plot and she really knows how to keep a reader/ listener on the edge of their seat. Her characters and plot were so rich that I felt satisfied when the story finished.

Lord MacKenzie is considered “mad.” This madness is because he has a photogenic memory and is a type of “Rain Man” in London/ Scottish society. One day he meets Beth Ackerley and immediately becomes fascinated by her. Ian doesn’t have good social skills but Beth realizes immediately that Ian is special and she finds his brutal honesty refreshing. Beth is a great heroine. She is not of English/ Scottish society. She actually has a dark family history but she ends up marrying a man she loves who unfortunately dies shortly after their marriage. She is taken in by an English lady that teaches her about society and ends up leaving her with a nice fortune. I really loved Beth and thought that not only was she an excellent heroine but she was excellent with Ian.

Through a series of circumstances Beth and Lord Ian end up married even though she wants to stay a widower after a failed courtship when she meets Ian. At first I thought that the story would begin to drag since Ian and Beth married so early and quickly but the plot was well played out when we discover that Ian is the suspect in a murder. Ian trying to protect his older brother Hart has never confided in anyone about the mystery surrounding the death he is a suspect in. Although Beth doesn’t know Ian very well she knows he is not a murder and she takes it upon herself to find out the truth behind the murder. Ian was such an endearing character. Because emotionally he is so cut and dry I thought it would be difficult to identify with him, but he was so honest and sincere it was easy to see what a wonderful man he was. Besides these fantastic characters and the great plot, I was intrigued by Isabella and Cameron’s story. I plan to read their story soon.

Finally, I thought that this was a great story. It really delivers and I enjoyed all the twists and turns that I did not expect. Also, I thought Angela Dawe did a great job narrating the story. She really seemed to understand the characters and their personalities. She really made the story that much more enjoyable for me.
The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (MacKenzies & McBrides, #1)

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