Friday, April 5, 2019

Escorted (Escorted #1) by Claire Kent

I have to confess I fell down the Claire Kent hole! Wow! I first heard about Escort by Claire Kent from listening to Sarah MacLean podcast. She recommended it so highly that although I don’t usually gravitate towards escort storylines I was intrigued.  Well let me tell you, Sarah MacLean was right, this book was amazing. Claire Kent added so many layers to her characters that I was intrigued and I wanted to know more and more about them.

Our heroine, Lori is an author. She is twenty-six and has had it with being a virgin. She spent many of her younger years in love with a guy that did not return her love and now self-doubt has set in. She feels like she has missed out on a big part of life and she wants to do away with her pesky virginity.  It should be noted that Lori is also a very successful romance writer!  A friend of her cousin recommends an escort that is very popular and in high demand.

Ander is an absolute professional. He knows his trade and is a very knowledgeable about how to please a woman.  When he meets Lori they come to an agreement on the type of services that she is requesting and the kind he can give.  When Lori and Ander first get together Lori is very nervous and can’t complete the task that she has been trying to complete so they have to set up another meeting. The more times they meet the more Lori wants to see Ander.  She is discovering a part of herself and is gaining confidence.

First, this book is very sensual- no doubt about it.  Kent portrays Ander as such a detached and difficult to read person that as the reader I found myself wondering what he was thinking and I was intrigued by his past. So was Lori! She can’t help but snoop about Ander and the more time they spend together the more she wants to know. Because of his work this causes a lot of difficulties and some instances of hurt and confusion.  Because the story is told from Lori’s point of view Ander is harder to read but still so intriguing.  As Lori starts to develop feelings for Ander she realizes that she has to end the relationship.

Wow! First, I have to say this book is not my usual read and I could not put this book down! I was up late and even after I finally finished the book I was still captivated by the characters. I immediately started to look by other books by this author. She wrote such complicated, intriguing characters that I missed Ander and Lori after I finished the book-serious book hanger over! For anyone interested Claire Kent also writes under the name Noelle Adams and personally I cannot wait to read more!  Sarah MacLean was right this was a fascinating book with great emotional writing and written with such integrity for those in this line of work. I absolutely loved!

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

ARC Review: You’re the Earl That I Want by Kelly Bowen

Kelly Bowen has been on my to-read list for such a long time, I was really excited to read one of her books. I read the reviews for her previous book, A Good Rogue is Hard to Find (The Lords of Worth, #2) and I was really excited to read her story.

I liked “You’re the Earl that I Want” because, for me, the heroine really carried the story. I really liked her and found her to be very refreshing. Lady Josephine Somerhall is unique and her own person. She grew up making her own rules. She is very intelligent, out-spoken and in control of herself. She is not a typical lady in want of a husband although Heath Hextall is a gentleman in search of a wife. Mostly he needs a wife to take care of the mediocre things that he does not want to be bothered with, like running a household. The list of characteristics that he has are pretty much a summary of Joss. Joss and Heath grew up together as children so they share a history and when they reunite at a ball they share some barbs back and forth.

I liked how the author included Joss in Heath’s adventure/ mystery. Heath needed Joss’ help and this gave them the opportunity to come together. I have to confess that I really did not care for Heath. Although I generally love when the hero and heroine do not like each other or learn to like each other, Heath seemed very superficial as stuck up for me. I couldn’t really form an opinion about him. To me, it seemed like he was always undermining Joss or annoyed by her just because she didn’t follow in everyone else’s footsteps. As their time together progresses he not only learns to appreciate her but champions her individuality.

Overall, this was a cute and interesting story. The author provided some original traits that I have not seen in other historical romances. I liked that the hero was a self -made man I just thought this would have made him more down to earth and less of a snob. Despite my lukewarm feelings toward the hero I plan to read more books by this author and really enjoyed her unique storytelling.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

ARC Review: Only a Duke Will Do by Tamara Gill

“Only a Duke Will Do” is the second book in the “To Marry a Rogue” series. This book was a two time first for me. It’s my first Tamara Gill story and also my first second chance at romance. I liked both.

When the story begins, Lady Isolde Worthingham and the Merrick Mountshaw,Duke of Moore are madly in love. Both are very young but it was love at first sight for both of them. Merrick asked Isolde to dance at a country dance and both knew they were made for each other! On the eve of their wedding they are ready to embark on a live of love and bliss together but it’s not long until all that shatters. Isolde’s life is shattered when she wakes up to screams and her fiancé in bed with one she thought to be a good friend.

Five years later Isolde is ready to come back to society. After that the disastrous night when Merrick married another she left for Scotland and has stayed away from London society. Now she is ready to reclaim her life and finally open her heart to another. It’s not long before Isolde and Merrick come face to face after five years and their feelings for each other have not changed.

I’m not usually interested in second chance romances but I was instantly invested in “Only a Duke Will Do.” The author provided a cliffhanger type plot at the beginning as we try to understand why Merrick, so much in love with Isolde and so ready to marry her and start a new life together beds her best friend. I think that “the cheating” storyline is very hard to redeem but Gill provided us with a very sad and miserable Merrick and as the plot unfolded, it became clear that he was simply a pawn in his now wife’s plans. Merrick is a devoted father and his only consolation is that his son has a good life. For Merrick being stuck in a loveless marriage is difficult but seeing Isolde having a season and ready to marry another was the true test of his strength. Isolde was equally as endearing. She was young and naive but also a pawn and the struggles that she faced with trying to move on but not able to deny her love for Merrick was heartbreaking. I wanted to know how they would both find their way out of this mess. I have to confess that they only reason I gave this three stars instead of four is because the last part of the book dragged on. I understand why the author did it but I would have liked the book more if the overly dramatic last part of the book would have been more straightforward. Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable read and I plan to read more books by Gill. Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I found out how these two would finally find their way back to each other.

**ARC provided by Publisher**
Only a Duke Will Do (To Marry a Rogue Book 2) by [Gill, Tamara]

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Ride Wild (Raven Riders #3) by Laura Kaye

I first heard of Laura Kaye when I read her historical fiction story “America’s First Daughter” whom she writes under the name  Laura Kamoie.  I personally love discovering when authors write different genres. Because I really enjoyed “America’s First Daughter” I was anxious to try her contemporary romance.  A few things attracted me to the story. First, I love motorcycle club books, if anyone has not read Joanna Wylde, I definitely recommend her books!  Second, I loved the idea of a lonely widower taking care of his sons and falling for the babysitter. And finally, I loved that the heroine, Cora Campbell was trying to find herself. 
Cora was an interesting enough character except that really “everything”  happened to her.  She was kidnapped and raped, it all become a little too much.  These events happened in the previous book, which I have not read, but her history helps us to understand that Cora is really just starting over and trying to figure out where she wants her life to go.  I was expecting the house to fall on top of her head at one point.  Slider is giving her a chance by offering her work as his babysitter.  He is a widower and needs someone to watch the kids while he is at work.  His kids absolutely love Cora because she always come to the rescue and knows just what to do with his sons.  The obvious attraction takes place and they finally confess their real feelings for each other and give into their longing for each other. But they also promise that it will only be one time and that is it.  Mind you, this is only half way through the book.
I have to admit that I wanted to love this story more than I actually did.  I was about 50 % of the way through the book and I was ready for the story to be done.  If this had been a novella I would have enjoyed it more but half way through the book the romance between Cora and Sam “Slider” Evans started to become flat.  I felt like the author added secondary characters to help the story pick up momentum but it really just dragged the story down.  It was hard for me to be interested in the secondary characters even when they became the focal point.
 The story felt forced and I struggled to keep interested.  The dialogue also felt overly dramatic as did many of the scenes.  Aside from my lackluster opinion about the story, I will pick up another book by the author and see if the next book in the series catches my interest better.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Seducing the Defendant by Chantal Fernando

 was immediately drawn to “Seducing the Defendant” by Chantal Fernando because of the storyline. I love the idea of a stuff and top-of-his-game attorney taking on a defendant charged with killing her husband. The evidence was pretty strong against the heroine, Scarlett Reyes. I personally love courtroom romances so I immediately jumped into the story when it became available and I was interested to read Chantal Fernando, whom I have never read before.

When the story begins, our hero, Jaxon Bentley is a grieving man. He lost his sister and he is very much into his grief. Even though he is on leave he is pulled back into his job when he hears of Scarlett Reyes, a very wealthy woman who is accused of killing her husband. Jaxon has earned a reputation as a hardworking defense attorney and one of the best. He runs a small firm with one of his good friends. Scarlett was a battered woman. She was charmed by her now dead husband and really thought he was a good guy. By all accounts he was not only a crooked cop but also involved with a motorcycle gang and heavily involved in selling and using drugs. He was also emotionally abusive to Scarlett and ended up controlling all aspects of her life until Scarlett was free of him. Scarlett trying to free herself from her husband’s abusive control fled to France to take care of her sick aunt.

When Jaxon meets Scarlett she is defensive, scared and closed off. Because he recently lost his sister Scarlett’s hurt and pain is endearing to him. Because Jaxon quickly realizes that Scarlett has suffered at the hands of her husband and is caught up in the media storm, he is kind, compassionate, caring and sweet. Everything that Scarlett needs and has craved for so long. Because of their client and attorney relationship they fight their attraction for each other and try to maintain everything strictly professional, even though, both really need a friend.

So as I mentioned before I really wanted to like this story because of the plot. A few things fell flat for me. First, I did not think that there was much chemistry between Jaxon and Scarlett. Most of their conversation felt forced and even their slowly forming friendship felt very stiff. Yes, they were attracted to each other but I knew this because the author told me not because of the chemistry between them. Also, some parts of the story were so over the top I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes a few time. This is one of those stories where if it were a novella I would have enjoyed more. Finishing the story was sheer determination and effort because most of the story felt long and drawn out. I’ve seen some great reviews online, so some readers really enjoyed the story. For me, I expected more.

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Gambling on a Scoundrel by Sheridan Jeane

When I heard of “Gambling on a Scoundrel” I was instantly interested because I really enjoy Victorian era stories. I had never read Sheridan Jeane and wanted to see what the story would be like. I also love hero’s and heroine’s that are outcasts and go against the tide.

The heroine is Tempy Bliss. I really liked her and the way she conducted herself. Tempy is an outsider. She comes from money not breed, in the era of the ton that made her an outcast. Her father made quite a lot of money off railroads but he was never much of a father to her. Tempy always longed for a connection with her father and although an outsider, she accepted that she would never fit in. Tempy made herself even more of an outcast when she decided to earn a living as a reporter. Although an heiress she doesn’t need the money but researching and writing are her passions. When she finds out that her fiancé-Ernest, now ex-fiancé, is engaged to a French woman, Tempy decides she needs to win him back.

Enter our hero, Lucien Hamlin. Lucien also is not of British society, but he has a lot of money. Money he made when he opened his own gambling house. Lucien is more than comfortable with his position but is ready for a new venture. When, as a favor, he allows Tempy to come to his gambling house, things start to become more complicated. Lucien doesn’t need press, least of all bad press. Tempy has been asked by Charles Dickens himself to write an article. Tempy refuses to disappoint Mr. Dickens. Against his better judgement, Lucien allows Tempy to do her research, but more is involved. He also tries to help her win her ex-fiancé back-again-against his better judgement. As Lucien and Tempy start to spend more and more time together they begin to have feelings for each other but both try to fight those feelings. Tempy is determined to win her ex-fiancé back because she thinks that she will also lose his family, which was in part the only family she ever had.

This was a really cute story and I really liked it. I also love to learn about the progressive time of Victorian England. I also really liked the hero and heroine. I have to say that the only parts that irked me were when Tempy seemed to go against her own characteristics. She is constantly tripping over things and needing rescue- I think this is done for comedic affect and its cute- but I really wanted her to have a stronger back bone, especially when it comes to her obsession with her ex-fiancé. Tempy really reflected the struggle that woman faced when they were trying to be taken seriously. I really didn’t like that she was so determined to validate herself by winning him back. Aside from these little tidbits, I really enjoyed the romance and plan to read more by this author.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

ARC Review: The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

Ever since I started this series “Scandal & Scoundrel” I have been waiting for Seraphina and Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven’s story. When I read “The Rogue Not Taken (Scandal & Scoundrel, #1) I thought “there is no way that Sera and Mal will end up together.” There is just no way. Needless to say I was wrong. However! MacLean really had a huge obstacle to accomplish. Throughout the series, the infamous Sera is known for her scandal and most importantly because she is missing. No one knows where the Duke of Haven’s Duchess can be found. When Sera re-emerges she has changed! Three years have gone by since Sophie Talbot dumped the cheating Duke in the pond and Sera is ready to take charge of her life. Everything is against her, but she is determined.

When we first hear of Sera and Mal’s story, it is filled with hurt, anger and pain. Much of that sentiment carries through the story. Sera and Mal have a lot of baggage. From the very beginning, their love is tainted with rumors, distrust and betrayal. It seems that one wound just opens and festers another. Sera is done with that. She wants a divorce and wants to be the boss of her own life. Women during that time could not petition for a divorce even if they were subject to cruelty at the hands of their husbands. Kudos to MacLean for bringing up the history of women during this time period and really how little they had in terms of rights! Well, Sera is done with her marriage, cheating husband and is ready to open her own tavern where she can fulfill her dream of singing to her hearts content. Sera has no way of knowing that throughout the last three years Mal has traveled all over the world trying to find his wife. He never gave up looking for her and he is determined to make their marriage work. Sera wants nothing to do with Mal and the past hurts and sorrows haunt their every conversation. Mal tries one last time to keep his wife. He makes a wager with her. If she can find him a replacement Duchess he will agree to the divorce. What Mal doesn’t anticipate is that Sera’s infamous sisters will come along and that Sera has a friend, a male one at that. Mal is more determined than ever.

First, I have to say how much I enjoyed Sera and my heart broke for her. She was young and naïve, inexperience in many ways and many of her choices were not the best. Malcolm pretty much followed the same path. It would seem that both were destined for disaster-which they both experienced. Sera fought so hard to win her independence and it was admirable considering nothing was really in her favor. I was lukewarm about Mal until the end when he finally comes to realize that Sera is not his to keep… and I have to confess I put the story down and wiped away my tears. Even though they do finally get their much deserved happily-ever-after it was far from easy. There are many funny and sweet moments. There is one scene that is both sweet and real for me-when the sisters are crammed in the carriage. I just thought that MacLean really captured their bond as sisters and in many ways the figurative distance that covered them emotionally. Physically the sisters are together, but Sera has not emotionally shared with her sisters the baggage she has been carrying. This story did not disappoint and I need to know more about Secily and her American. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that this is not the last time we hear about the “Dangerous Daughters.”

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Audiobook Review: The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne, Narrated by Derek Perkins

Kerrigan Byrne is one of those authors that once you start reading her stories you just keep wanting more and more! I started “The Highwayman” a year ago and got distracted with other books. When the opportunity to review her audiobooks came up I ran for it! What a fantastic author. “The Highlander” is the third book in her Victorian Rebels series. I am so hooked! The only reason I was eager to finish this story is because I know I have two other books by her to hear!

I personally love audiobooks especially times like now when I’m too exhausted and busy to read. Derek Perkins is as good as they get! He is a fantastic narrator who really knows how to make the characters appear before me as he reads to me about them!

Now the fantastic writing that is this story! Colonel Liam MacKenzie is the hero or like many of Byrne’s writing, an anti-hero. He has a troubled family history and is known for his ruthlessness on the battlefield. He carries many demons from his past such as his difficult and abusive relationship with his father to the suicide of his wife. As Liam returns to his clan he is faced with the task of raising his children. Something that he cannot do alone so he needs to find a governess.

Miss Philomena can’t get far enough from London and the chance to escape to the highlands is the perfect opportunity for her. With the help of two friends, Millie and Christopher Argent-from the previous book- she finds herself Liam’s new governess.

As Liam and Mena begin to get to know each other they both have secrets that they want to keep hidden but their pasts are racing to catch up with them. Liam knows that Mena is running from her past and the wounds she carries are visible both physically and emotionally. Neither Liam nor Mena are ready to let their guard down and really believe that another can come to love them despite their wounded pasts.

So, some confessions. I have to say that I don’t like instant lust stories and most of Byrne’s stories the characters instantly fall for one another. The obstacles they face are either external or obstacles that will come to resolution with time. What always keeps me glued is that the storylines are so well plotted and the twists and turns are so unexpected. Towards the end there were some things I anticipated and others I did not! I really enjoyed Liam and Mena’s story and I am happily inserting the next cd of “The Duke” and I’m ready to jump into Cole and Imogen’s story!

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Marquess and the Maiden (Lords of Vice #2) by Robyn DeHart

When I saw “The Marquess and the Maiden (Lord of Vice) available for review I could not get to my Kindle fast enough to read it! I have read and enjoyed Robyn DeHart before. DeHart always writes fun and interesting characters with unique storylines. When I read her stories, I feel like they are original and I am getting unique characters and adventures. “The Marquess and the Maiden” are no exception. Although this is the second book in the series, it is easily a standalone.

The story of Harriet Wheatley and Oliver Weeks, Marquess of Davenport starts off in the past. Harriet is a debutante and in need of a husband. Oliver is a Marquess in need of a wealthy wife since his estate is broke. Luckily both Harriet and Oliver’s mothers are lifelong friends and they think that Oliver and Harriet are perfect for each other. The mothers arrange a meeting for them to agree on the marriage.

When Harriet and Oliver meet sparks do fly but Oliver informs Harriet that he cannot marry her and he leaves! Needless to say, this leaves Harriet sadden and confused. Years later Oliver is no longer penniless but Harriet is still unmarried. When he reacquaints with her he is so drawn to her that he is determined to make her his wife. Problem is that Harriet won’t have him. She thinks he is merely lusting after her-which he is-and that he just wants to play with her emotions. Oliver is tired of trying to court Harriet so he and his mother come up with a scheme to convince Harriet that Oliver needs her help finding a wife. Harriet takes Oliver up on this offer so that she can distance herself from her growing feelings from him and she does not want to be rejected again. Oliver is determined to convince Harriet that he does want to marry her and the more he spends time with her the more intrigued he becomes. Harriet is part of a secret society called “Ladies of Virtue.” They travel around London and ward off pick-pockets and other little petty crimes. Harriet loves to be a part of this society and is distraught when its existence becomes public and the group must dismantle.

Overall, this was a cute story. I like both Harriet and Oliver. I have to confess that the storyline felt very dragged out and there were moments where I found my attention waning. It was cute to see Oliver try to win over Harriet but it became very repetitive and mundane. I plan to read more books by this author and in this series, but I had higher expectations.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Truth About Love and Dukes by Laura Lee Guhrke

I have read Laura Lee Guhrke before and everytime I read her I think,” I need to read her more.” Her heroines are always very unique and fun! I especially love that her heroines aren’t all from the same class and may even be considered “modern.”  I was super excited to see that this was the first in a series. I was instantly hooked on Henry, Duke of Torqui and Irene Deverill.

Irene although a part of high society is also part of the working class.  Irene has taken over her family business and runs a gossip column that is wildly popular. One of the topics of her column catches the eye of Henry, especially when the famous advice columnist, Lady Truelove’s encourages Henry’s mother to follow her heart and elope with a man below her station. Henry immediately searches out for Irene but he is nothing like he expected. 

Henry is a Duke and he takes his responsibilities very seriously.  Henry is determined to stop his mothers wedding at any cost even if it means blackmailing Irene and buying her paper from her. Unfortunately for Irene, her father is more than happy to sell the paper to Henry but stopping Irene’s gossip paper is not the only thing that Henry is after. He is determined that Irene has to convince his mother not to marry and thus bring ruin on the rest of the family. Henry makes Irene and Clara, her sister, stay with him and his family in the hopes that his mother will come to her senses. What Henry doesn’t calculate is that being so close to Irene might be more than he can handle.

Guhrke’s books are always so fun and filled with witty dialogue, “The Truth About Love and Dukes” is no exception. Henry was a bit of a stiff but Irene was a perfect balance. I’m counting down to the next book in the series. 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

ARC Review: An Affair with a Notorious Heiress by Lorraine Heath

“An Affair with a Notorious Heiress(Scandalous Gentleman of St. James” is classic Lorraine Heath. I love so many of Heath’s books but the books in the last series has not grabbed until this book! The fourth book in the “Scandalous Gentlemen of St. James” series.

First, the book was so,so,so good. It’s been a while since I have started reading a book and look up to see it’s almost 2 am! The chemistry between Alistair Mabry, Marquess of Rexton and Tillie, Lady Landsdowne was so fantastic! Heath gives us two very different characters! Alistair is the son of the notorious Frannie in her previous books and series, “Surrender to the Devil: Scoundrels of St. James.” Frannie was notoriously known because of her lack of blue-blood in the previous books. Her son, Alistair has had to pay the price. After getting beat up many times while he was in school because of his mother’s reputation, Alistair is determined to marry only a woman with impeccable reputation and Tillie has anything but that. Alistair is a quiet and reserved guy who is looking for an equally quiet wife. When he begins to court Gina, Tillie’s sister Alistair has to remind himself who he is really interested in.

Tillie came to London in search of a husband because of her mother’s urging. Her parents had “new money” and in the colonies they were not accepted. Tillie’s mom urges her into London society with the hopes that she will marry a titled man-which she does. But her disastrous marriage quickly ends in a divorce. Tillie is eager to help her sister find a good match so she can return back home. When Alistair shows interest in her, she is not only weary of what his intentions are with Gina but also about her own feelings towards him. Alistair was quick to realize that Tillie’s name was slandered and her ex-husband was not. While Tillie is shunned and an outcast, her husband is readily welcomed back. The more time that Alistair spends with Tillie the more he comes to love her no longer fight their attraction. But Tillie is very much not welcomed into society and Alistair might be able to help her find her way back in however he is not sure if she will even stay in London.

Heath is an automatic read for me but for reasons I can’t understand her latest books haven’t grabbed me, but this book had me up all night. I really loved both Tillie and Alistair and loved their story. I also loved that Gina was a very conning matchmaker and she was an accomplice in helping her sister and Alistair find love. I loved this book and highly recommend it!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Right Kind of Rogue (Playful Brides #8) by Valerie Bowman

“The Right Kind of Rogue” is the 8th book in the Playful Brides series. I’ve read all the books in the series, so far, and Valerie Bowman never disappoints. I have been waiting-impatiently- for Meg and Harts story since I read about them in “The Legendary Lord.” I usually love the wallflower books so this book was a perfect fit.

Our heroine, Meg, is the best friend of Sarah who ends up married to Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley. Christian appears in many of the previous books as one of Lucy’s friend. Sarah and Meg are exact opposites. Where Sarah is the belle of the season, Meg is a wilting wallflower coming from a nearly impoverished family. Her gowns are outdated and her marriage prospects don’t exist. Meg has always loved Sarah’s brother -Hart since she was sixteen. The many problems with this is that Hart’s family expect him to make a good match. Meg is not a good match. Aside from being impoverished, her father and Hart’s father are enemies and loath each other. Hart has never thought twice about Meg until his sister marries Christian and he shares a kiss with Meg. Meg has never forgotten the kiss, and although a case of mistaken identity, neither has Hart. When Sarah tells her best friend that Hart has decided to find a wife Meg realizes that time is running out and she has to take matters into her own hands. Because Meg’s situation is very dire she seeks out the help of the ever clever Lucy. Lucy has had a hand in many of the matches in the previous books.

Lucy is determined to help Hart and Meg find their way to one another, but her plans rarely go smoothly and without a doubt hearts get broken. For Harts part, he is in need of a wife, when he finds himself drawn to Meg he knows that there are more appropriate girls for him but he is still drawn to her. Even though Meg and Hart finally end of married theirs is not a happy union. There are many miscommunications between them and Hart has a long way to go before he can learn to trust.

I should know by now that when I start a Valerie Bowman story I am going to finish it in one sitting. I was completely enthralled with Meg and Harts story. I ached for them and wanted to strangle Hart at different times! One of the common threads through this series is the female friendships that always bind the heroines and give them a shoulder to lean on! Humor is never missing in her books. The good news is that there is another book in the series! The bad! We have to wait for it.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

ARC Review: Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

I’ve read a few of Carly Phillips books before and I know that she does not disappoint. One of the reasons that I enjoy her books so much is because her characters always have the best chemistry. I have to admit there have bene books where I did not love the story line but the tension between the characters made a big difference. Erika Wilde has been on my to-read list forever and just the busyness of life and a packed reviewing schedule have stopped me from reading her work, so needless to say when I saw “Dirty Sexy Saint” I jumped at the chance to review.

This story does not disappoint. I could not put it down and I loved both the hero and the heroine. Clay Kincaid was a great hero. He was intense and broken but easily very likeable. One of my huge pet peeves is when men are portrayed as bad boys and their really just immature jerks. Clay was the perfect combination of wounded but redeemable. I loved him and found him to be very sexy. Not do be outdone by Clay, Samantha Jamieson was a great heroine. I really liked her even though she was very rough around the edges. When Samantha stumbles into Clay’s bar he can’t turn his back on her. Clay is nicknamed “Saint” because he is known for always giving those in need a helping hand, and Samanth or “Cupcake” as she is nicknamed.

This book was intense and steamy and very, ultimately satisfying. I loved the creativity of the story and the very different backgrounds that brought Saint and cupcake together. This was the type of book where you can’t wait to finish it because you want to see how the story unfolds yet at the same time you can’t help but feel bummed because it’s finished and you miss the characters. The only compensation to this type of scenario is the knowledge that this sis the first in a series. Both Wilde and Phillips write a fantastic love story of triumph and perseverance. I can’t wait for “ Diry Sexy Inked” the next book!
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