Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Glimpsing Heaven: The Stories and Science of Life After Death by Judy Bachrach

My Review:
Four Stars
Copy Received from TLC BookTours for an honest review

Judy Bachrach discusses a very interesting topic: "Glimpsing Heaven."  She takes on a very controversial topic.  She discusses some case studies and the personal experiences of people from different backgrounds, different religions, social classes, economic background, race etc.  The one thing that all these people have in common is their experience in "dying" and coming back.  Bachrach deals with this topic twofold.  One she explains the science behind dying and how this definition has changed over time.  She makes the remarkable observation that people that died in the past such as the people that froze to death from the Titanic, could be brought back to life if that same event were to happen today.  Secondly, she challenges the scientific community to embrace the idea of coming back from the dead.  I was fascinated to learn that many well-respected scientist received criticism because they wanted to discuss this topic and that certain universities would not support their publishing under this topic.  

Aside from the professional references she also explains that all the people that "died" and came back experience that same type of "death."  She explained that if the person died during a brutal attack or an accident it did not change the experience.  All the experiences that she references explain a piece and a lack of fear when the death process begins to occur.  She also explains that the light that is so stereotypical-seen occurred in many of these different experiences, remarkable all the experiences she references were pleasant.  None of the people that experienced this were afraid.  Bachrach also explains that something would bring back these people, whether it was a responsibility, ie having a family to take care of, or a resuscitation, the people felt they were being pulled back.  Bachrach explains that terms such as "heaven", "death" and "near-death experiences" have different meanings.  She uses the term Experiencers to describe this new group. 

Personally, I really enjoyed how she referenced different peoples experiences but she also added credibility by using scientific explanations. I personally become very bored when something is too scientific but Bachrach knew just how much to share and when to share it.  I was completely engrossed in this book and become further fascinated in a topic that I already was curious about.   Thank you to TLC BookTours for the opportunity to read this fascinating book.

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