Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Destined by C.J. Fallowfield

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Gabe Austin is tormented by demons from his past.
Blaming himself for his part in a tragic accident and abandoned by his father
when he needed him most, he uses his charm, good looks and ripped physique to
find temporary solace in an abundance of one night stands. Dominating, distant,
unwilling to commit, sex becomes his outlet for his pain. Until he sees her.
One glance was all it took to turn his world upside down, to make him want to
possess her completely. Gabe just knew that she was the girl to heal his
shattered heart, she was his destiny.

Destined is a short novella written from Gabe’s point of view. It details key
moments in his life, leading to the events that unfold in ‘New Leaves, No
Strings’, book one of The Austin Series, which combines erotica, romance and

The Austin Series is six books in total, written from the perspective of Mia
Page, and is designed to be read in the following sequence.

New Leaves, No Strings

Baggage & Buttons
Forever & an Engine
The Honeymoon Period
Love & Loss 
Infinite Love


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am a very young hearted 44 year old female from the United Kingdom. I enjoyed
writing fictional stories as a child but, like many, long working hours in my
career meant that I had little time for anything else. Finding myself in the
fortunate position of now being able to work from home part time, I have been
able to rekindle this long lost passion for storytelling. Writing aids include
chocolate, Ben & Jerrys and copious amounts of coffee. 


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