Thursday, August 7, 2014

Audiobook Review: Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire, Narrated by Phoebe Strole

Copy received from publisher for an honest review
three stars

I have to confess Jamie McGuire is my guilty pleasure. I read “Beautiful Disaster” and liked it. I always add my disclaimer about Young Adult books. I am always hesitant to read this genre because I personally think that the message they send to young women is not the best… Having said that, I enjoy a good romance and McGuire definitely knows how to write characters that are addicting and storylines that I can’t help become emotionally involved in. In my opinion, almost all YA books are based on her characters (just my opinion).

Beautiful Oblivion is about Trent Maddox, the famous Travis Maddox’s brother. Trent is just as attractive as Travis. Just like Travis women thrown themselves at him. Unlike Travis, Trent is very sweet and caring. He was a genuinely nice guy and he really cared for Cam. He accepts her for who she is and really just wants to be in her life.

Camille "Cami" Camlin was a tough heroine. I didn’t really like her… She was very mean, cold and nonchalant about almost everything. Yes, I’ll say it, she was so bitchy. It seemed that everything and anything she was involved in was overly dramatic and over the top. Although she was portrayed as very mature and confident she seemed the exact opposite. Because Cam is involved in a long distance relationship she doesn’t respond to Trent but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to form a “platonic” relationship with her.

Cam’s roommate and friend Raegan was a big focus of this book which I did not expect. The author introduced Raegan/Kody/Jason Hoopla love triangle. At one point they became the main focus of the story. Although this part was cute I wasn’t overly interested in their love triangle.

One part, which was unexpected was Travis’ part in the story. Apparently this takes place before Beautiful Disaster. The big reveal at the end was ok. I was surprised but now impressed. So, my one big gripe about the YA genre is the overly dramatic, over the top characters storylines and the overly clingy can’t-live without desperation that these characters always feel. So why the three stars? Honestly, I couldn’t stop listening to the story. The narrator, Phoebe Strole, was fantastic. She knew just when to add a dramatic feel and when to narrate neutral feelings. Aside from my YA gripes, I think that McGuire creates characters that you can’t help develop feelings for! You can hate or love them but there will always be some type of emotion. Having said all this, I will continue to read/hear her stories and I will continue to want to know how she evolves the Maddox family! I recommend and enjoyed this audiobook.
Beautiful Oblivion (Beautiful, #3)

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