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The Twelve Days of Seduction by Máire Claremont

Five Stars
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I generally try to stay away from novellas because I always feel like I don’t have a good understanding of the characters. The Twelve Days of Seduction by Máire Claremont provided to be an exception! Alexander Hunt, Eight Duke of Berresford is threatening to throw out his governess, Anna Grey, on the street. He discovers that Anna Grey is an alias and that her real name is Adriana Flint. Besides the deception of her name he also discovers that she is an authoress. Anna, or Adriana as is her real name, is distraught. She has grown attached to Georgiana, Alexander’s ward. Adrianna is devastated and tries to convince her employer to let her stay. Unfortunately for her, she also has no other place to go. Her parents do not have any money and she is all by herself. The reasons for her deceptions are many. She grew up on the street, begging for food. She has no relations to turn to. Besides these reasons, she has deep affection for her employer. For the past year in his employment, she has hidden her feelings. When she offers up a bargain, she is shocked to discover that the feelings were reciprocated.

Adriana and Alexander strike up a bargain. He will allow her to stay if she becomes his mistress, but she has conditions of her own. Although as Anna Grey she played the role of meek and demure, with her reestablished identity as Adriana, she is setting her own terms. If Alexander wants her as a mistress he has to be able to seduce her. As Adriana and Alexander spend the Christmas holiday together, as mutual love interests, they grow to know each other. Adriana, no longer afraid of being discovered admonishes Alexander for his lack of empathy for his employees. Alexander realizes that because he has always had a life of privileged he has not suffered the need that Adriana did. He also reads her books where she speaks up for the lower classes and the disadvantage. There are two big secret’s that are revealed in this cute and short novella. These two big secrets have a big impact on their future and the future of Georgiana.

I really loved this story. It is a perfect read if you’re looking for something that is fulfilling and enjoyable. The only reason I did not give it a five star is because Alexander changes so quickly. He goes from an arrogant Duke to an advocate for the lower class. This is completely understandable because it’s a novella, but I still would have liked more time for growth and evolution. Also, even though their pasts are alluded to, it would have been great if there had played bigger scenes in the novella. This is a perfect treat for the holidays.
The Twelve Days of Seduction

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