Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Becoming Josephine by Heather Webb

ARC received for an honest opinion

Five outstanding Stars
First, I want to give a million thanks to Heather Webb for sending me a copy of this book. I become OBSESSED with it the minute I heard about it! I could not wait for its’ realize and the very talented Ms. Webb was gracious, generous and brave enough to share an Advanced Readers Copy with me.  I say brave because I’m sure my message to her seemed a little scary  So some might think that I was already bias to the story, well, sometimes it is harder for a story to live up to the expectation of a reader! That was not the case with “Becoming Josephine”! A fantastic story.  First, I cannot believe that this is a debut novel!!!! I searched on the internet and found no proof otherwise.  I could not put this story down! I loved that it is told in the first person narrative because I felt like I was having a conversation with Josephine. She and I were pals and she was telling me about her life!!!
I was engaged from the first page. I finished it so quickly I started re-reading to make up for all the details that I missed.  Ms. Webb captured so many different aspects of Josephine’s story.  I hate to give anything away but it was filled was sadness (her sister’s death and fathers obvious rejection).  Not to mention her conflicting emotions on her marriage to Napoleon.  He was definitely interesting to learn about, especially as far as husband material go.  We also learned about the very human person behind this great figure in history.  For me a great novel engages you, which this did! But and outstanding novel keeps you wanting more!!!! I want to learn so much more about Josephine, her marriage to Napoleon, her past!!   Besides the fantastic characterization of Josephine and Napoleon, I loved how she showed the history unfolding from Josephine’s perspective.  We see history unfolding through her eyes. 
My one little disappoint is that I have nothing further to read from Ms. Webb, I will just have to continue to fold the pages of my current copy and anticipate the next great read from Ms. Webb.  You cannot go wrong with this novel and the only thing I can say to Ms. Webb besides thank you is, when is the next book out?? 
Becoming Josephine: A Novel

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