Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paleo Diet Cookbook by Ed Brancheau

*Received for an honest review
This was a five star read for me.
1)      I hate fad diets.  I avoid them like the plague. 
2)      I generally don’t care about cookbooks but…
I have heard A LOT about this whole paleo (caveman diet) business.  I thought Mr. Brancheau did  a great service to the nutrition community by writing this book.  I loved that he explained the importance of veggies (even frozen are better than some natural ones).  He explains the “fat-free” foods and why you should avoid them.  He gives really simple recipes to follow. I always hate when I can’t find ingredients at the store because they only have them in the rainforest.  These recipes are pretty user friendly.  As a mom, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for good and healthy recipes.  I hate to waste money and food when my kids don’t like what I prepared.  There are even recipes for donuts!! I mean this book is too good to be true!  The recipe book offers a variety of different food groups.  I have not tried them yet because I have no paleo-friendly recipes but I have made a list and look forward to trying them

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