Sunday, December 1, 2013

Recipe for Attraction by Gina Gordon

ARC received for an honest review. 
I really liked the writing style of the author.  I just could not bring myself to care about the characters… Neil Harrison didn’t seem to be a bad boy but a very self-centered and self-indulgent spoiled brat.  I seriously wanted to slap him… I could not feel sympathy for him and his daredevil ways. 
Carson Kelly was a tug of war for me.  I liked that she was a strong character.  She rides a motorcycle, boxes and is very competent at her job… But… she is very insecure, especially when it comes to her father.
Carson knows about Neil’s motorcycling racing.  She follows him one night and makes a deal with him to help him curb his urge to stop racing.  I just kept rolling my eyes throughout the entire book…I hate to give a bad review…but I liked the author’s writing, just not the story.

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