Saturday, December 7, 2013

OMG That’s Paleo? By Juli Bauer

*Received for an honest review

I was so impressed with this cookbook that I signed up for Juli Bauer’s Facebook page, and blog.  I thought these recipes sounded amazing.  Even though I don’t agree with a lot of the advice she gives ( I just read another paleo diet cookbook and the importance of diary was emphasized).  I personally think dairy is important and intend to keep it in my diet.  

I liked that she gives a list of ingredients she keeps and a list of foods that she uses.  I thought her recipes were fairly easy to make and sounded yummy. (I have yet to try one) I have that on my to-do list when I go shopping.  I don’t have the coconut flour etc…  The dishes were also pretty quick to prepare.   She breaks the book down by meats and gives you the different recipes to try for those types of meats.  I especially loved that most of the prep time was not over 15 mins!

I also loved that she provided different types of cultural recipes ie Jambalaya and Ropa Vieja. The different equipment she uses are skillets, slow cookers, and ovens.  Pretty easy.
Recommend this book and will try these recipes ASAP!

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