Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Temptation of Lady Serena by Ella Quinn

received for an honest review
Three stars (I liked it) 
Lady Serena is the center of admiration when her aunt takes her under her wing.  Lord Robert Beaumont a confirmed bachelor tries to avoid his attraction towards her but can’t.  I wish that Lady Serena did more than just blush.  I really love witty heroines.  I found that Ella Quinn’s style continued from her previous two novels.  Although I think she is very talented there is always a sluggish feel to her story lines…
I do love how she describes scenes.  She literately paints them before my eyes.  I just always feel that there is no chemistry between the heroine and hero.  I was also a little disappointed with Phoebe.  In her story she was so independent and refused to do what the norm required, yet she tells Lady Serena to focus on getting herself a husband…  
I also found it amusing that although Lord Beumont is a very accomplished lady’s man he has no idea how to speak with Serena.  I liked that the author took her time in letting them get to know each other.  For much of the book Robert tries to woo her through different outings and activities.
I liked but did not love this book.  I think it would make an enjoyable read and is worth picking up.

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