Wednesday, January 22, 2014

David: Lord of Honor (Loney Lords # 9) by Grace Burrowes

*ARC received from publisher for an honest opinion 
Two Stars
I know that Grace Burrowes is a very accomplished author and has many best sellers but this book did not work for me.  I found the hero to be very irritating and the heroine flat.  David Worthington, Viscount Fairly is a physician but has inherited a brothel.  Letty Banks is a courtesan and currently without a protector.  One day David’s financial advisor expresses his concern for Letty (why it is never caught clear).  So David goes to find her and basically keeps encouraging her to find another protector.  I seriously wanted to slap David and his laissez faire attitude.  I get that he is a Lord but really? Please. After trying to convince her to find another protector and adamantly denying that he wants to fill the role he offers her a job at his brothel.  Because of course where else should she work? Besides the fact that I did not care for the hero I thought Letty was so flat.  She lacked any emotion or personality.  Of course they start to develop feelings for each other but I found the whole plot forced and their conversations awkward.  I’m sure others will feel differently and enjoy this story but for me it did not work. The whole story felt flat.       
David: Lord of Honor (Lonely Lords, #9)

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