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The Smuggler Wore Silk by Alyssa Alexander

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*ARC received from publisher for an honest opinion 
Loved, loved, loved this story. I cannot believe it is a debut novel. I was engaged with the story from the beginning and could not put it down! The opening scene is fantastic, Julian Travers, Earl of Langford, also known as “The Wandering Earl” is a British spy, however, he has been discovered, more importantly betrayed. Because of this betrayal he can no longer work in the Continent as a spy and is of no use to the British court. Julian is not willing to “retire” just yet. Through very clever undercover work he is able to obtain the name of some that can help him find the traitor-Grace Hannah.

Grace Hannah is a poor relative-servant- physician-smuggler. She is a fantastic character. She is strong and very in control of her surroundings. Grace lives with her uncle but is constantly looked down upon because she is “ruined.” She was left by her ex-fiancé at the altar. Her uncle takes her in but basically treats her like a servant.

Grace is visiting Julian’s home instructing his servants on the proper combination of spices to make a perfect meal. When Grace meets Julian she is instantly leery of him. Although she has no idea he is a spy and that she is the purpose he is back from wandering the continent she is use to survival and knows that he will present a problem.

Grace and Julian have great chemistry and even though they are fun and interesting characters the intrigue behind finding the traitor is the best part! The author masterfully crafts a story where there is intrigue, romance and adventure. Grace and Julian are perfectly matched even though at first they both understand that their lifestyles would never suit. I personally loved watching Grace and Julian trying to figure out who betrayed his identity. I was so surprised by who the real traitor was and never suspected of this character! Looking back the author left excellent clues.

The author also introduces another spy, “Angel”. I cannot wait to read his story. He is just as interesting as Julian and it was very exciting to have him involved in this investigation. Ms. Alexander presents an excellent cast of characters, from the ex-fiancé to the reformed Smuggler-Jack, to the mean Uncle Thaddeus. I would recommend and re-read this story!
The Smuggler Wore Silk

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