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ARC Review: The Last Man on Earth by Tracy Anne Warren

(Three Stars)
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*ARC received from publisher for an honest opinion 
Madelyn Grayson locks horns with Zack Douglas on a daily basis. They are both competitors in the advertising firm where they work. The chemistry between them sizzles. Underneath the rivalry is a mutual attraction for each other.

I thought the story got off to a great start. Madelyn and Zack “hate” each other and are always trying to get the better each other. Madelyn is hard-working and wants to be the best at her job, which means beating Zack and getting accounts from him.

They finally come to a truce one New Year’s Eve when Madelyn is left at a party by her brother and sister-in-law when they have an emergency. Zack happens to be at the party and offers to take her home. Even though she never makes it home. They decide to give into their very mutual attraction to each other. Madelyn wants to forget about it and move on. She knows that Zack has a reputation as the office playboy and she doesn’t want to be a part of the office rumor mill. Zack is not ready to let her go. They both decide that they are going to hide their romance and meet up in hotel rooms to continue seeing each other. Eventually they both get tired of this and they reach a breaking point.

This is where the story lost me. Zack has commitment issues and doesn’t want to commit to a serious relationship that will eventually lead to marriage with Madelyn. She is heartbroken by this and they break-up. When they break up, James her good friend who also has romantic feelings for her proposes. She accepts. She wants to be able to get married and have a family. Even though she is in love with Zack she knows that he will not commit to her. The rest of the story dragged a little while she and Zack continue to see each other and fight their feelings for each other. Zack loves Madelyn but because he does not come from a stable home life he thinks that he will not be able to give her what she needs. Although I did not love the story it was still enjoyable and I liked the way that the author brought them back together. Fun and sexy office romance!
The Last Man on Earth (The Graysons, #1)

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