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After the Storm (KGI, #8) by Maya Banks

After the Storm (KGI, #8)
original review:
*ARC received for an honest opinion
Four Stars
Maya Banks has been on my “to-read” list for a while. This book “After the Storm” was an excellent read. I was so relieved to not be disappointed! Although this is number eight in the KGI series, I didn’t find that I missed anything by not reading the previous books. Donovan Kelly is such a great hero. I love reading about these type of alpha males that have a heart of gold. I was completely enamored of how protective he was of Eve and the kids.

I typically don’t like the whole “damsel in distress” scenario but Eve Hansen was a great heroine. I admired her strength and her resolve to take care of her siblings. Cammie and Travis were so sweet. It was impossible not to care for them and be afraid for them. The bond that they shared with Eve was really beautiful. I’m a complete sap when it comes to young children and seeing how hard Travis worked to help his sister broke my heart (I had tears in my eyes!) This poor young man, at age 14, is working to help his sister, while they are constantly on the run, fighting to stay together. So some might say oh Donovan was too quick to help and jump into Eve and her sibling’s life but really, who wouldn’t???!!! From the beginning Ms. Banks helps us understand that Donovan is not the typical notch- on- the- belt type of guy. He is ready for a family and he has a very soft spot for women and children, especially when they are in distress. Eve and her siblings are in distress big time! Donovan is quick to jump in and help Eve the minute he learns about her situation. From the background information that we are given about the Kelly’s, this is typical. Rusty, the adopted sister of Donovan helped me to understand the Kelly family and their welcoming hearts.

As I mentioned before, I don’t really care for the whole damsel in distress scenario but I felt terrible for Eve. She is a young woman on the run, trying to save her siblings from their horrible father (her stepfather). The stepfather is a disgusting human being. Life really didn’t hand Eve too may favors but she remained dedicated to her brother and sister despite very dire circumstances. Although Donovan is helping and protecting Eve and her family it’s only a matter of time before she comes head to head with her stepfather. Donovan and Eve have good chemistry. At first it seems like he is more of a protector but she begins to hold her own pretty soon!

This book was the perfect mix of suspense, romance and adventure. The story is very fast paced and keeps moving from one scene to the next. I went back and forth thinking five or four star and then I thought, “this book was fantastic”! I decided on a four star because it irked me that Donovan was so quick to make the moves on Eve! He was so sensitive and protective with every aspect of her situation but the minute he was alone with her he could not wait to jump her bones. I would have to say that was my one and only problem with Donovan. I breezed through this book, I thought all the characters were so fantastic and interesting. The Kelly family has a great dynamic and it’s obvious that there are a lot of alpha males. Reading about the other brothers was very intriguing, I will be adding the KGI series to my ever growing “to-read” list. I’m hoping that Rusty’s story will be next, I really loved her and learning about her past! Besides Eve, she also deserves a happily-ever-after! Great story and equally characters.

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