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Darling Beast (Maiden Lane, #7) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Four Stars
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This my second novel by Elizabeth Hoyt and it was just as enjoyable as the last one I read. Hoyt has a talent for weaving stories filled with romance, tension and intrigue.

When I read Duke of Midnight (Maiden Lane #6) I found Apollo’s story very intriguing. Apollo, Viscount Kilbourne, is Artemis’ twin brother. He was accused of murdering three men and because he was an aristocrat he was sentenced to Bedlam. While he was in Bedlam for four years he was robbed of his dignity, his humanity and his life. He also lost his voice. One day while defending a fellow asylum inmate soldiers stepped on his throat causing him damage and he lost the ability to speak. Artemis was able to escape but his life has been lived in hiding.

He was able to escape from Bedlam and is working on pleasure gardens with some associates. While he is there he meets a boy-Indio. Indio and his mother are living in the theater near the gardens. Lily Stump is an actress. She is recently out of work and is staying at the theater as a favor. When she meets Apollo she has no idea that he was accused of murder and is hiding form the police. Apollo lives with very meager means. He doesn’t have much and he has lost most of his modesty. Because he can’t speak people believe that he is mentally challenged. When Phoebe meets him he behaves as if he can’t speak or understand trying to hide his identity as best as possible.

Many elements of this story felt like Beauty and the Beast. Apollo was definitely viewed as a beast and Phoebe was very beautiful. When she begins to get to know Apollo she realizes that the tall “beast” is a kind-hearted and loving man. She realizes he is the master-mind behind the garden that is being re-created and they can’t help but fall in love.

As Lilly and Apollo fall in love she realizes the truth about him. But Apollo isn’t the only one hiding secrets and he learns a couple of things about Lily too.

I really loved this story! Phoebe was such a fantastic character. She was a very strong heroine and she knew how to manage her life. Apollo was also great. I ached for him in the previous book and I’m so happy that he finally got his happily-ever-after. There were many secondary characters that stood out. Captain James Trevillion and Lady Phoebe as the main hero and heroine, I can’t wait to read their story!
Darling Beast (Maiden Lane, #7)

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