Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Shameless Angel by Elizabeth Cole

A Shameless Angel

A Shameless Angel


Sarah Brecknell has always had an obsession with numbers. Unfortunately, she’s lost her place in society with the sudden death of her fiancé, and her unusual gift for breaking codes has left her alone with a dangerous secret. Sarah must turn to a complete stranger for help—a secret agent in service of the Crown. She has already made one mistake in love. She can’t afford another.

The spy Theodore Markham has plenty of secrets of his own, and now he is hunting for a traitor. This time is different, though—the rogue was his best friend. The trail goes cold until he meets Sarah, a woman with certain mathematical talents…and an irresistible charm that may be even more dangerous than his adversary.

A SHAMELESS ANGEL is the third book in the Secrets of the Zodiac, a series that blends romantic suspense with the rich background of the Regency period.

Four Stars:
Copy received for an honest review
Loved this book! I loved the heroine and hero and the plot.  It was engaging and interesting from the first page to the last.  Sarah was a great heroine and her courage was admirable.  Theodore was also a great hero and I loved him and Sarah together.  As a part of the zodiac secret agent group, Theodore is a spy for the British crown.  When Sarah's fiance dies there are a lot of questions and accusations.  When Sarah and Theodore are thrown together they have to dig into some answered questions. Highly enjoyed and recommend this story!

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