Saturday, September 27, 2014

Audio book: My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

Katharine Ashe is one of those authors that I keep meaning to read and I wished I had sooner! What a story! My Lady, My Lord was nothing like I have read before! At first I was turned off by the plot but I was glad I stuck with it! It’s obvious that Ashe is an accomplished author and storyteller!

So the enemies to lovers’ storyline has been done before, but not like this! Lady Corinna Mowbray is a bluestocking. She has lead a very unconventional upbringing. When her father became a widower she dedicated herself to him and then she traveled the world with her aunt and uncle. When she returns to England she is past the marrying age but Corinna is perfectly okay with this. She would rather dedicate herself to art, history, politics and running her own salon then worrying about London’s tea rooms. 

Lord Ian Chance is Corinna’s nemesis. Although neighbors and childhood friends there is a lot of bad blood and a lot of miscommunications with them! Ian is the exact opposite of Corinna. He gambles, drinks, has numerous affairs and does not live the type of life Corinna finds acceptable. Whenever Ian and Cornna are within hearing distance they are arguing and bickering. Although I’ve read about bickering heroes and heroines before Ian and Corinna’s mutual criticism caused them pain. It was interesting to see how they hurt each other really not meaning to only reacting to each other.

One argument has a very different result… They switch bodies. So I know at first it sounds too far- fetched but the author made it work! The scene when they realize that they switched bodies was incredibly well written and the narrator did a fantastic job of reading the scene.

This was a fantastic book for a numerous amount of reasons. First, the plot is so original and the best part was that it worked! The author was able to show us how Ian lived Corinna’s life and vice versa. One of my all -time favorite scenes was when Corinna (in Ian’s body) breaks into tears in public and it makes the gossip column. This was so hilarious. As they try to live in the others body they also try to do some sabotaging. For example, Corinna breaks off with Ian’s mistress, also funny. Ian, tired of Corinna’s mourning outfits, changes her dresses. Ultimately, there was so much heart in the story. In their switched bodies they come to really understand each other and their animosity towards each other melts away to understanding. I really enjoyed this story and I loved the chemistry between Ian and Corinna. Ashe is so talented that she makes everything believable! I really enjoyed and highly recommend this creative, unique and fun story. 
My Lady, My Lord

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