Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Love for All Time (ebook) by Chloe Douglas

Four Stars

I must admit that I had my doubts about this story. I’m skeptical about time travel and was a little hesitant to start the story but my doubts were without basis. This was a fun and romantic adventure.

Mick Giovanni is a homicide detective in New York City. He is a rough -around –the- edges -street –smart- tough guy. He is coming off a divorce and is very cynical about life. One day on the job a beautiful woman comes into the station. Miss Lettitia Merryweather is on a mission. She is in NYC for the exact purpose of finding Mick. The minute Mick lays eyes on Lettittia he knows that she is different but he doesn’t know just how different she is…

Lettitia is really from London from 1888. She was sent via a time travel device to find Nick. She was told that he would be the only one that can help her find her sister. After being cut off from her family when she ran off with a servant, Lettita’s sister is no longer welcomed in her family. Lettitia continues to have contact with her sister despite her family’s opposition and she realizes her sister is missing. 

When Mick realizes that Lettitia has transported him to 1888 London is his shocked and furious. However, since the portal won’t open for a couple of more days he is stuck. When he realizes that Lettitia brough him for the purpose of finding her sister the detective in him can’t help but be intrigued. He becomes even more intrigued when he realizes that Jack the Ripper is being sought after. Mick begins to investigate the case of Lettitia’s missing sister and also keeps his ears out for the true Jack the Ripper.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Mick and Lettitia had great chemistry. They are perfect opposites. She is a proper English lady and he is a tough NYC cop. They have fun banter and as they investigate together they make a good team. The author has the romance, the time travel, the missing sister and the Jack the Ripper murders happening at the same time. I thought that she was able to balance these themes and keep them all interesting. I’m glad to see this is part of a series and plan to read the next book. Fun time traveling, romance and suspense. 
A Love for All Time

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