Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sparked by Love by Peggy Bird

Some fussy artist is making Shannon Morgan’s job with the city of Vancouver, Washington harder than it should be. She’s organizing the huge annual Independence Day celebration and he’s being impossible. But then, he’s like a couple other men she’s known—her mostly absent father and her disappearing ex-boyfriend, for example.
All Leo Wilson wants is an okay for his plans to install glass fireworks at Fort Vancouver on the Fourth of July. With thousands of people there to see his work, it could be his big career break. If the crabby bureaucrat will get him the permits he needs.
When Leo confronts the cause of his trouble in person he’s surprised to find a beautiful young woman. Shannon is equally surprised at meeting a sweet, sexy man. Dinner, a movie and a few torrid kisses take it from spark to flame.
But then the father she’s always wanted as part of her life reappears, accompanied by her ex-boyfriend. Shannon has to decide how far she’s willing to go to have her father around. And find out why he’s with her ex.
If she makes the right decisions, she and Leo will create fireworks that rival the pyrotechnics that light up the sky on July Fourth. Privately.


She sighed in his arms. “I have about three more dishes to put in the dishwasher, and you need to get Walter’s dog bed and your things. Then we can get him settled and go ... we can finish up ... we can have dessert.”
When Walter had been walked, fed, and settled with a chew toy in his bed, Leo joined her in the living room where she was sitting on the couch, playing with the brownie crumbs on her plate. He picked up a brownie and watched her as he took a bite. “You’re nervous.”
It’s obvious, isn’t it? I’ve used up all my courage asking you to stay the weekend. And now, I’m not sure what’s next. I’ve never propositioned a man before. What do I do now? Like, should I carry you upstairs or something?”
The trying-to-contain-a-laugh look returned. “I don’t want to cast doubt on your abilities, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s not likely to result in anything other than one or both of us getting hurt, which would seriously interfere with what I had in mind for this evening. How about you lead me to your bedroom and I’ll take it from there?”

My review:
4 Stars
Copy received from Tasty Book Tours for an honest review
This was my first time reading Peggy Bird so I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by not only her writing style, which was very engaging and flowed, but also her characters.
Leo and Shannon were fantastic characters. I really enjoyed them as individuals and as a couple. Their love story worked and was very believable. Leo was such a great guy. He was almost too good to be true. I loved Shannon and all her insecurities and her sense of survival. I really enjoyed this beautiful love story and highly recommend it!


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About the Author

Peggy Bird lives in the Pacific Northwest where she sets most of her novels. To stay out of trouble—and the rain—she writes stories about smart women and sexy men and creates the occasional piece of glass art.
Find Peggy on her website, on Facebook, and on Twitter @peggybirdwrites.

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