Friday, June 20, 2014

ARC Review: Hope Ignites by Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton has been on my to-read list for a long time. Burton is a very accomplished author and many of her books have very high reviews. Since this is my first time reading her, I found that I really enjoyed her writing style. Her writing was engaging and easy to follow. She presented a great setting- a small town. She presented a great plot- movie star meets rancher. Burton was able to balance the contrast between small city life and the lifestyle of movie stars. This was definitely a story of opposites attract. 

Desiree Jenkins is a big movie star. She is in the small town on Logan McCormack’s ranch filming a movie. When she meets Logan there is an instant lust between them. Des is forward with her interest. She is fun-loving and bubbly. She loves exploring life in the small town and takes interest and joy in the cozy feeling of a small town. Logan is very different. He is more stand-offish and quiet. He is often observing and not responding. Logan is the handsome and silent type but it’s often difficult to understand who he is as a character. He is attracted to Des but he knows that they come from different worlds. 

I usually like the opposite attracts scenario and this was definitely the scene here. Not only did Des and Logan have different personalities but they had very different life-styles. I enjoyed this story but I did not love it. I like when characters fall in love and when they push each other’s comfort level. Although Des really pushed Logan’s comfort and lifestyle I found most of their interactions to be flat. I also found some aspects of the story to be a little boring. I thought the support characters were fun, like Martha and Colt. I’m not a fan of the lust at first sight scenarios and for most of the book that was the only relationship that Logan and Des had. 

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