Friday, June 20, 2014

ARC Review: Quicksilver Soul by Christine d'Abo

This is the second book I read by Christine D’Abo and I like her writing and storytelling more and more. In her first book in this series, Gilded Hearts (The Shadow Guild, #1) D’Abo had Jack the Ripper as the villain. Emmet Dennilson was part of the archivist who was not successful in catching The Ripper. 

Although, I enjoyed the first book in this series I really enjoyed this one as well. I’m not a fan of the Steampunk genre but I really enjoy D’Abo’s storytelling. I find her writing to be fun and engaging. I love that in the mist of machines and superpowers she makes her characters come alive and they are very relatable. I also love that her hero and heroine have great chemistry.

Emmet Dennison and Nicola Tesla were so much fun! Nicola is from Canada and sent to work with the Archivist. She is a genius and knows everything about machines. She is full of energy and extremely focused on her projects. Emmet is given the duty to “guide” her while she is in New London. He sees this as a demotion because he failed in catching “the ripper”. Emmet and Nicola are very attracted to each other but they are both very focused and devoted to their work.

Although Emmet and Nicola are a big part of the story, they are not the only storyline. Enter Thomas Edison! I thought it was so brilliant the way D’Abo included him! Edison is a villain. He is sinister and driven. Nicola use to work for him before but because she discovered he stole all her ideas she left and took all her projects with her. Edison however is not dissuaded. He wants to be famous and powerful and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 

I was so captivated by this story that 400 pages flew by. I loved this plot, the characters, the adventure and the suspense. I really enjoyed this story and will be reading the next book in the The Shadow Guild series. Great story! Does Edison win or do Emmet and Nicola? Read it to find out!

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