Friday, November 13, 2015

Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln

Two Stars
This was my first read by Kelly Lincoln. I was first interested in the story by the plot and I really liked the idea of a single mom trying to make a life for her and her daughter.

Brooke was a fun heroine. She has some signs of post dramatic stress disorder because of different things that happened in her life. She is 100% dedicated to her daughter Mia. Mia is her world and her number one priority. Brooke’s sister has lived next door to her for a very long time and when she moves out with her family to a bigger home, she feels a little bit of separation anxiety. Anxiety and worry play a big part in Brooke’s life. She is a fun and sweet character.

Chris is Brooke’s brother-in-laws friend. He is gorgeous and carries his own baggage. Although both Brooke’s sister and brother-in-law have wanted to set up Chris and Brooke the timing was never right. When Chris moves in they can’t help but form a friendship. When Mia and Chri’s nephew become friends Chris and Brooke also form a friendship.

Chris and Brooke have good chemistry and I was happy to see how they formed a friendship first and then a romance. Overall, I enjoyed this story and found it enjoyable. My one big gripe is how overly dramatic everything became. The first half of the story is really about Chris and Brooke getting to know each other and forming a romantic relationship and then all the skeletons jump out of the closet.

I thought that this was a bit much, I felt like literally everything happened to Brooke and even Chris for that matter. I personally would have enjoyed it more if this was a novella and the last half of the book was cut out. It seemed to overly done. Nonetheless I was happy for both Chris and Brooke as they battled their demons and found love.

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