Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ARC Review: Reaper's Fall by Joanna Wylde

Five Stars
“Reaper’s Fall” does not disappoint. First, before I even start with my review, I have to say-No one does MC like Joanna Wylde. I’ve tried to read other authors that also write about MC and there is no competition. One huge element that sets Joanan Wylde apart is , I believe, Wylde knows the MC culture and is able to appreciate it while at the same time not hiding the raw truth behind it.

This is the fifth book in the Reaper’s series, if anyone has not read the previous book, call out sick, take a vacation, but just read them all. This is easily a standalone but the entire series is an experience. “The Reaper’s Stand” (Picinic and London’s story) is my all-time favorite book in the series. I’ve read it, re-read it and heard it on audiobook countless times. I love it! “Reaper’s Fall” comes in second. Which is saying a lot because the other books in the series are so good.

So I’m going to tiptoe around this review because there are so many goodies, I don’t want to give too much away. But this is Painter and Melanie’s story. Painter is a part of The Reapers Motorcycle club. He was also the biker that Em, Picnic’s daughter, had a huge crush on and was in love in the previous books. I have to confess, after Picnic, Painter is my favorite biker! I absolutely loved him. Apparently Em and her sister hate him but the reality is that Painter is his own person. Yes, he does some very questionable and just plain dumb things. But he was such an awesome guy. He takes care of Melanie when she appears in London and Picnic’s story. Melanie is Jessica’s best friend. Jessica is London’s “daughter”. I’ll get to Jessica in a bit. Melanie comes from a broken home and she is all alone, London takes her in and she becomes Mel’s mom. Due to her relationship to Picnic, the president of the Reapers, Melanie meets Painter. They both instantly fall for each other but Painter has a lot of growing up to do.

It’s hard to talk about everything that happens, because a lot happens. But I will say this. Melanie and Painter grow into their relationship. The book covers a span of a few years from the time they meet until they are finally together. Besides falling completely in love with Painter, I equally loved Melanie. Melanie is serious, studious, and hardworking and just wants someone to love her. She writes to Painter when he is thrown into prison and is a loyal friend to Jessica. I especially loved that Wylde kept Melaine true to herself. Even though she faced a surprising circumstance she continued to keep her head up and eventually became an ER nurse. I also really loved that Melanie voiced concerns about Painter and his lifestyle. I really liked that Wylde didn’t sugarcoat the MC lifestyle but also high lightened the extreme brotherhood of the bikers. I especially loved Puck and Painter’s friendship. Even though they belong to different motorcycle clubs, they are brothers.

Big secrets, I mean BIG secrets are revealed. New characters are introduced. These characters are all essential. I especially have my eye on “Cooper” and Taz. Jessica is such a perplexing character. Just when I thought she was making a change she falls into her old ways but I still wanted to know how Wylde would take her story. I do have to confess I struggled between wanting to binge on the book and sitting back and enjoying it- did both. Wylde’s stories are always action-packed, full of adrenaline and violence. I did squirm in a few scenes but there was not one boring moment. I loved that Picnic and London continue to play a big role in Melanie’s life and I’m hooked with the new characters and what she plans to do with them.

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