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Audiobook Review: The Wager by Rachel Van Dyken, Narrated by Tanya Eby

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Four Stars
I’ve heard so many great things about Rachel Van Dyken that I jumped at the chance to review “ The Wager the second book in “The Bet” series. This was my first experience by Van Dyken.

The story immediately caught my attention. It begins with Char Lynn meeting up with her crush Jake Titus on an airplane. Char has been in love with Jake for many years and even though they shared one night together, nothing became of it. Char and Jake use to be best friends in eighth grade until hormones and miscommunication interfered. Now years later Jake’s brother is getting married and him and Char are the best man and woman.

Char and Jake were both excellent characters and they really evolved from the beginning of the story until the end. Jake was really a very immature and shallow jerk. He has had a pretty easy and golden life and hasn’t had to really worry about anyone except himself. Char’s childhood was less than ideal and has always felt second to her sister.

Char and Jake spend a lot of time bickering and it’s only through the successful interference of his hysterical grandma that Jake and Char are forced to spend some time together and work past all their differences.

I found this audiobook to be so hysterical. It was part narrator and part story that made it so successful. I found myself laughing-out-loud and really enjoying all the obstacles that Char and Jake had to overcome to finally find their way together and as individuals. I have to confess that my only hang up was that I felt that there were parts where the story dragged and I found my attention wondering. But other than that, this book is filled with fun antics by a feisty grandma, some very sweet and tender moments, all successfully brought to life by Tanya Eby. Eby was a fantastic narrator, she really understood the individual personalities of all the characters and made this story that much more enjoyable.

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