Thursday, November 5, 2015

ARC Review: A Winter Wedding by Brenda Novak

Five Stars
I’ve read a couple of books by Brenda Novak. I’ve read both her contemporary and historical romances. Some books have been a hit and others a miss. But “A Winter Wedding” was a definite hit! Continuing her Whiskey Creek series, “A Winter Wedding” is Kyle Houseman’s story. I remember Kyle from previous books but he didn’t stand out. I really enjoyed getting to know him in this book.

Some of the characteristics of Novak’s books is that she always has a hero and heroine and a very awful villain or villainess. In this book the villainess is Noelle, Kyle’s ex -wife. Kyle has a very interesting history. He was in love with Olivia but after a break up he ends up married to her sister, Noelle. Olivia returns to Whiskey Creek and ends up falling in love with Kyle’s stepbrother! All this takes place in “When We Touch” (Whiskey Creek 0.5). Kyle ends up divorcing Noelle but never really getting over Olivia. Brandon, his stepbrother, and him are finally able to build a relationship but his feelings for Olivia is the big elephant in the room.

I was so excited for Kyle. He is a really nice guy. He dedicated his life to his family and friends and has really given up on love. He made horrible mistakes, which he is still paying for, since Noelle still bothers him all the time. He wants to be free of her but can’t figure out how.

When Lourdes Bennett rents out his property she is the fresh of air he needs. Lourdes however, comes with a lot of baggage. She is uncertain in her country music singing career, and her fiancé might be a son ex-fiancé. When her furnace breaks down she stays with Kyle.

I loved Kyle and Lourdes together. They were so different and so completely different but yet so perfect for each other. I loved how Novak developed a relationship between them before anything else happened. Kyle and Lourdes became best friends, figuratively and literally becoming the other’s should to cry on and slowly transforming into something else. Their underlining chemistry was just one factor.

Novak dealt with different issues in this story, such as infidelity. I loved how she dealt with it and I found it to be unexpected. It was refreshing. I don’t want to give too much away but it really added to the characters. Also, Noelle is so awful, I cheered when she got what was due to her. The friends from the past book make and appearance and just add to the storyline between Kyle and Brenda. I couldn’t put this book down. I was completely engrossed and in love with Kyle and Lourdes! I found this to be a great continuation to the Whiskey Creek series.

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