Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Audiobook Review: Bedded by Her Highland Enemy by B.J. Scott, Narrated by Angela Dawe

This was my first story ever by B.J. Scott and it was a great introduction to this authors work. I really enjoyed this story and the characters. Although I like historical romance, sometimes highlander stories take me a while to get into but “Bedded by Her Highland Enemy” grabbed my attention from the first few sentences.

Our heroine, Brianne Dunbar, is happy and in love. She shares a wonderful life with her husband and child until that is all tragically taken away. With one attack on her husband clan she loses her husband and three-month baby. Brianne’s only incentive is to seek revenge on those that took her husband and child’s life. Brianne’s pain is only mocked when her father promises her to their worst enemy.

Gavin MacClurry is Brianne’s future brother-in-law. He has been sent to take Brianne from her home and deliver her to her brother as part of an order made by King James. Brianne is not aware that Gavin is her intended husbands brother and when she finds out she is angry at Gavin and feels betrayed. Gavin understands Brianne’s conflicting emotions. He sympathizes with her tremendous loss but only wants to protect her even if it means seeing her marry his brother. Brianne feels a terrible burden because she is mourning for her great loss but at the same time her feelings for Gavin are her only salvation and hope. He has been the only male that she has encountered that has shown her protection and respect. Even though Brianne tries to hate Gavin she sees him for the wonderful man that he is and she soon falls in love with him.

B.J. Scott really knows how to create a great story. She had many twists and turns and there were many unexpected surprises. This story did not drag for me at all. I loved the pacing, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next and how Gavin and Brianne could find their way to one another when they seem to have many insurmountable obstacles. This story made me a fan of Scott and I cannot wait to read more by her. Gavin was truly a hero and I really liked him. My only complaint was that at times I wanted him to become angry or crazy but he always took the higher ground. My other little issue was the amount of time that Brianne lost her family and fell in love with Gavin. For other reasons that I will not name, this plot worked but I felt that more time would have been better. I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it.

Angela Dawe did an amazing job of narrating this story. At first it seemed she was rushing through the story but the voices she gave the characters made the story come alive and she really seemed to understand them.

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