Wednesday, March 9, 2016

America's First Daughter by Stephanie Dray

When I first of “America’s First Daughter” by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie I was instantly interested. I could not wait to read about Thomas Jefferson’s daughter, Patsy Jefferson. I had heard about her in passing in the history books but there were no outstanding attributes that I could place on her. When I finally had a copy in my hands I was worried that the length would be too much. Luckily for me that was not a factor.

“America’s First Daughter” is told in the first person by Dray and Kamoie. When the story begins we witness life as the daughter of the president of the United States through the eyes of Patsy. I personally love the first person voice because –if done correctly-it becomes like listening to an old friend reminiscing about their life. Patsy was a very interesting and complex person. She had a lot on her plate. Although she was Jefferson’s daughter she also participated in many of the duties that would fall to the first lady. The story begins with the end of Jefferson’s life and Patsy is remembering his life. The characters include Molly Madison, Abigail Adams and Sally Jefferson- to name a few. Patsy explains how her father’s relationships affected her. Patsy takes us from Revolutionary America, to France and paints a very vivid and fascinating life in Monticello and Washington.

Finally, this is not really a romance novel but there are many love affairs that makes this a must read. The authors provided not only very salacious details about the numerous love affairs that took place but also the emotions behind those affairs. I can only hope that a book like this would be turned into a movie because it is rich with detail and drama. American politics has never been boring.

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