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The Rocheforts by Christian Laborie

Author Christian Laborie

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April 6-15, 2015



The Rocheforts

(fiction / saga)

Release date: May 5, 2015 at Open Road Integrated Media

484 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4804-6120-8


Two very different families are bonded by scandal in this sweeping story of love, greed, and betrayal.
Anselme Rochefort has built an empire manufacturing serge de Nîmes, or denim. His biggest client? Levi Strauss. As the craze for blue jeans begins to sweep the globe, Rochefort Industries seems poised for untold success. But Anselme can be as cruel and ruthless with his family as he is in business.
The Rocheforts’ neighbor Donatien Rouvière has one of the region’s most prosperous farms and is desperate for a son to carry on his legacy. After the births of three daughters, the Rouvières adopt an orphan from the Sisters of Charity convent and raise him as their own.
When Anselme suggests uniting the two families by arranging for their children to marry, it seems like the perfect match. But as the lives of the two clans grow increasingly intertwined, dark secrets come to light, including the mysterious circumstances of the death of Anselme’s eldest daughter.
With The Rocheforts, Christian Laborie weaves a captivating tale of deceit, intrigue, and the dynamic tension between industrialization and a way of life rooted in the land.
 My Review
Four Stars
Copy received from France Book Tours for an honest review.
When I heard of  "The Rocheforts" I thought I knew who they were but I wasn't sure why.  Once I started reading the book synopsis everything started to come back.  I thought that the author was able to balance the history of the Rocheforts, who are a capitalist family.  With the marriage of Louise Rouviere and Jean-Christophe Rochefort a family saga unfolds.   A couple of aspects of the time period that I found interesting but already knew about was the elevation of social status. For the Rochefort and the Rouvier's the union between their families is a perfect example of this.  I was fascinated by the deep secrets that the families had and how the author brought them to light. I thought that the author kept the secrets as a suspense aspect.  I also liked how he introduced a mystery bundle at the beginning and then it was identified.  

Coming off reading about Chanel I thought it was interesting to learn about denim and how revolutionary it was. Overall, I really enjoyed the many different issues covered in the story. The author discussed the two families : Rochefort and Rouvier's, the economic struggles and the pre- WW I. The writing was engaging and the pacing well done.  The book is a little lengthy so it takes its time.  



Rocheforts - Laborie

Christian Laborie
was born in the North of France
but has lived in the southern region of Cévennes
for more than twenty years.
The Rocheforts is his first novel to be published in English.


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