Monday, August 31, 2015

Melting Point by Kate Meader

Melting Point (Hot in Chicago, #1.5)

Copy received from publisher for an honest review
Four Stars
I'm convinced Kate Meader can write the yellow pages and make it sound interesting. "Melting Point" was my first m/m.  I was hooked on Gage and Brady Smith in "Flirting with Fire."  I loved that they were complete opposites and that they had such great chemistry.  Although I expected some hot tension between Cage and Brady I really love how Meader dug deeper into their relationship and helped them each face their vulnerabilities.  Kate Meader can make the pages sizzle.  She knows how to add just the right amount of push and pull to keep a reader hooked.  I personally cannot wait to read more or really anything by her!  Cage and Brady did not disappoint! 

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