Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ARC Review: Hot Night with the Fireman by Lynne Silver

Hot Nights with the Fireman (Alpha Heroes, #1)
Thank you Lynne Silver! What a fun and refreshing read. This was my first venture into Silver’s writing and I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed this story. Once I started reading the first page I was instantly interested and cheering for PR Maven, Valerie Wainright and Mr. Hot Firefighter, Jason Moore. It seems to me that lately there are a lot of hero firefighters and I’m loving it!

Valerie’s firm is hired so that she can help clean up the image of the firehouse where Jason works. He, along with other firefighters, had inappropriate pictures posted on Facebook. To help clean up the firehouses reputation Valerie steps in. Valerie was a great heroine. She was very standoffish and made it clear that she was there to do a job and that she would be nothing but a complete professional. I thought Valerie was a strong, talented professional who was very afraid of getting hurt because of different things that happened in her past. When Valerie sees the inappropriate pictures of Jason she is instantly attracted to him. But she keeps herself in check and reminds herself she is there only as a PR personal. When Valerie meets Jason she realizes that she not only finds him to be very attractive but he is also a very sweet guy. Because of the pictures she saw of him she assumed he was a player but Jason is far from that.

Jason was really a great guy. He was at the wrong place, at the wrong time and now his whole career hangs in the balance. Not only does he have to help the firehouse clean up its image but he is ready to take the next step in his career and the odds were already stalked against him because of a big secret he carries. On top of that, he’s half naked image is posted all over social media. When Jason meets Valerie he respects the professional limits she sets but he still wants to be around her and the temptation might be too great for both of them.

Two things stopped this from a five star, for me. One, I thought that Silver made Jason seem immature at times in an effort to make him seem more down to earth. When he started to whine about his family and his parents, especially, it seemed to me like he was a young adult instead of a strong, professional firefighter. The last thing that bothered me was the last part of the book. Of course there has to be some drama but I would have liked for Valerie to have behaved a different way. But these are two small issues. Silver created two excellent heroes. I loved the friendship that they created and they have fantastic chemistry. I also loved that Valerie actually made more money than Jason, I’m so over the billionaires, I thought this was so refreshing. Also, I’m already hooked on the next storyline, “In Bed with the Bodyguard.” This is the next book in the series where Ariana, Valerie’s best friend and Lance Brown get their storyline. I really loved Ariana and can’t wait to see how she handles the tough FBI agent Lance.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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