Sunday, December 28, 2014

Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Thornton

Daughter of the Gods: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

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Five blazing Stars
Copy received in a give away contest

First, when I heard about this book I was instantly interested and intrigued by Hatshepsut .  I could not believe that I have never heard of her before!  When I won this book in a giveaway I immediately started to read and loved it.  I've since started reading " "The Tiger Queens" and I can say Thornton is a fantastic author.  She is so eloquent in her prose that her sentences become an experience. She has a craft for writing and it made me want to savor the story and not rush through it.  It makes perfect sense that Thornton would write about a powerful and successful woman in ancient history.  Hatshepsut was one of a kind. Because her nephew was to young to govern she took his place and was the "King" in his place until he was old enough to take over.  Hatshepsut was a driven and very capable leader.  Thornton made me see that she craved the role of King and she was born to lead.  Even more interesting is that through events not entirely clearly, because of historical events, we don't know why they wanted to erase her successful rule!  Literally, there was a movement to erase her from history! Aside from the rich historical layers that unfolded in this rich story, this was an eventful hold-your-breath moment! Page 300 until the end of the book was a series of gasps and I can't-believe-what-just-happened moments.  I was shocked as one event unfolded after another.  I loved and admired Hatshepsut's strength and her courage.  This was one of my favorite reads of 2014.  Because I need to have a complete collection, I bought the only one missing from Thornton, " The Secret History" which is also about a famous historical woman, Empress Theodora!  More reviews to follow on this amazing author!

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