Thursday, December 18, 2014

13 Hollywood Apes by Gil Reavill

13 Hollywood Apes

13 Hollywood Apes
Pages: 310
Published by : Alibi 

In a savvy, stylish thriller debut perfect for anyone who loves the crime novels of Michael Connelly or Nevada Barr, Gil Reavill unravels a chilling tale of murder and mayhem among humans and their closest evolutionary relatives—a primate family that may just be too close for comfort.

As a wildfire rages outside the Odalon Animal Sanctuary in the rugged Santa Monica foothills, the retired Hollywood movie chimpanzees housed there are shot and left for dead. When Malibu detective Layla Remington reaches the grisly scene the next morning, she’s deeply disturbed—and even more confused. The victims are not human, so the attack cannot be classified as homicide. Yet someone clearly wanted these animals dead, and executed them with ruthless efficiency. Miraculously, there is one survivor: a juvenile male named Angle.

But as Layla reaches the veterinarian’s office where Angle is recovering, a man with rock-star good looks and a laid-back Southern California attitude swoops in and removes him. And just like that, an unusual case turns truly bizarre. Soon reports surface of ferocious attacks against Odalon employees . . . with Angle as the prime suspect. As a wave of senseless violence reaches its apex, Layla chases a mystery man and his chimp—but everything comes back to that terrible night at the sanctuary.


My review
Three stars
Copy received from TLC Book Tours for an honest review
"13 Hollywood Apes" by Gil Reavill was a different read for me.  I really enjoyed the mystery aspect and even though it's a lengthy read, I found it to be very rewarding. I wasn't expecting there to be a romantic element but the author was able to manage all these different aspect successfully.  This was a fun and interesting read and anyone that enjoys mystery, romance, and a mix of animal world. Overall, a fun read.

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