Friday, January 7, 2022

The Fugitive Colours by Nancy Bilyeau

 Happy New Year!

We're in our first week of 2022, and I have something new to share: the cover of my next novel, The Fugitive Colours, to be published May 12th.
The Fugitive Colours

I love how this cover continues the visual style of The Blue. While this is a sequel to The Blue, with the same protagonist, Genevieve Planché, I also wrote it so that someone could come to this book and understand it on its own.

Here's my publisher's description of the novel:

The Fugitive Colours reunites readers with Genevieve Planché and again reveals the dazzling world of glamour and treachery in Georgian England. 

Now living and working in Spitalfields, Genevieve is struggling to keep her silk business afloat. When she one day receives a surprise invitation from an important artist, Genevieve grasps at the promise of a better life. 

But she soon begins to suspect that her own secret past has more to do with her entrée into London society than her talent. One wrong move could cost her not just her artistic dreams but the love of those she holds dear. And watching from the shadows are ruthless spies who wish harm to all of England.

A sequel to Nancy Bilyeau’s The BlueThe Fugitive Colours again reveals a dazzling world of glamour and treachery in Georgian England, when beauty held more value than human life. She immerses readers in a fictionalized account of real lives and events whilst staying faithful to the historical and social context.

The novel will be published in ebook and paperback in the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia. 

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