Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Audiobook Review: Ryker by Sawyer Bennett, Narrated by Cris Dukehart, Graham Halstead

Wow. I want to scream with joy, what an amazing story. I read romance novels all the time but Sawyer Bennett can tell a fantastic, feel-good, pull-out- all -the -feels –love- story. The more I heard the story the more I fell in love with Gray, Ryker and their story. In the market of bad boys, which I admit I enjoy also, Ryker is a fantastic, all or nothing, good man. He is a huge WOW! Ryker is what book boyfriends are made of. Just coming off a broken marriage he is a devoted father and his daughters were too cute. Ryker is also not only a great father but he doesn’t do flings and he dives head in with his feelings for Grey. He champions her positions as GM of the South Caroline Furies. I loved that Grey had such a powerful position.

Typically when I read a romance story I like for the hero and heroine to take their time and not rush into their feelings. Bennett did not take any time with Grey or Ryker but I loved it! The more I learned about their relationship the more I loved them as a couple and the more invested I became in their story. Also, I have to say that the hero and heroine were so mature and grounded I can honestly say I have read characters like these. Bennett also created a tough-as- nails heroine. There is a classic scene when Grey is sitting in her office and Ryker’s soon-to-be ex-wife is in her office trying to convince her to step aside and Grey’s response was beautiful I wanted to stay up and cheer. Loved her “lady balls.” As a testament to Bennett’s storytelling I actually enjoyed learning about hockey. I know nothing of it but when it was discussed in the story I didn’t feel bored or uninterested.

Finally the narrators were fantastic, Cris Dukehart was Grey and Graham Halstead was Ryker. I thought that they really understood the characters and their relationship. After this story I ran to my audio collection and was ecstatic to see Alex one of the previous stories.

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