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The Duke and His Duchess/The Courtship by Grace Burrowes

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The Courtship

Grace Burrowes is one of those authors who I just want to sit and read all her books. I think she is a fantastic writer. Aside from that, she also really knows how to develop her characters to make them real. I think that her writing is so poetic and gracefully. She flows from scenes with such a smooth transition that it feels like I a watching a movie instead of reading.

In “The Duke and His Duchess” we meet Miss Ester Himmelfarb. She is attending a three week house party. Miss Ester is considered on the shelf and a spinster. She is a part of society mostly as a chaperone and also as a “maid” for Mrs. Morrisette. Ester is bored with the party but tolerates it as she has no choice. Although she is considered a spinster that doesn’t stop men from groping her or staring at her cleavage.

Lord Percival is also at the house party and equally as bored. But he too tolerates it. When he sees Miss Ester he is intrigued by her peculiar personality. She is very quick witted and has no problem saying what is on her mind. Lord Percy quickly forms a friendship with Lord Percy. They are often trying to get either her cousin Michael out of trouble or his brother Tony. During their little adventures they start to share a few kisses here and there. Things quickly progress and both must decide where they want their relationship to proceed.

In true Burrowes fashion, Ester was a great heroine. I really enjoyed the barbs she shared with Percy. Even though their relationship starts off teasing it quickly turns into something else and I was happy to see that both Ester and Percy finally got the ending they deserved.

The Duke and His Duchess

This novella catches up with Percy and Ester. They are a married couple with children. Here we learn about Percy and Ester as a married couple. Although there were other characters also presented, they seemed very trivial and malicious at times. It was very unique to read about Percy and Ester as a married couple. They are definitely hitting a rough patch in their marriage and their love it tested. I have to hand it to Burrowes she reveals a big hidden secret here and I was completely shocked. Overall, this was a sweet story. Personally I like when happily ever after ends. It made me a little sad to see some of the issues that they faced in their marriage. Overall, interesting read.

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