Monday, February 3, 2014

The Winter Siege by D.W. Bradbridge Tour

Four Stars
I loved this novel for many different reasons.  1) I did not know about this particular time in English history 2) the author was so engaging and kept the pace of the novel interesting.  Constable Cheswis, I believe, was such a great character that he was a pivotal element in balancing intrigue with historical information.  Although I love historical fiction I sometimes find that some works become too drawn out with historical facts, I found that there was a perfect balance in this story.   I was pleasantly surprised by the mystery of finding out who the murder really was.   I was expecting more of a story that retold certain events between Charles I and his conflict with parliament.  I thought that the author made the reading more involved by including the mysterious allure of “whodunit”.  I was really impressed with the balance of history, the descriptions of the battle field and the unease of who is causing the murders.  Although a lengthy read, it is worth it!

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