Friday, February 7, 2014

ARC Review: Time or Money by Carly Fall

Three Stars
*ARC received for an honest opinion
This was a really sweet story about a married couple, Mason and Bridget Jackson. Both Mason and Bridget realize that their marriage is in trouble. Although they are still very much in love and committed to each other their work is taking away a lot of their time together. Mason is working hard and trying to provide a good life for his wife. He thinks that when he makes partner he will be able to dedicate more time to Bridget. But can their marriage survive? This is the question that Mason is facing. Bridget also realizes that their marriage is in trouble. They are both working too much and spending little time with each other. When they are together their conversations are either tension driven or non-existent. Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is a pivotal point in their marriage. This is Bridget’s favorite holiday but she is not sure that Mason will remember since he forgot their anniversary.

Although this is a very short story, it is really engaging. The author clearly shows how much these two people love each other and how badly they want their marriage to work. I won’t give away too much but I will say that Mason does remember Valentine’s Day BUT it is not the result that they both want. This was a really great read. I thought the author was able to make me care for the characters even though it was a short story. I also thought that she was able to clearly show how much Bridget and Mason care about each other. Mason and Bridget have a high end lifestyle but when they were newlyweds they struggled financially. This is the reason that Mason wants to make partner and be able to take care of his wife. At the end they both realize that they need to make some changes. Can their marriage survive? It is definitely worth finding out! Short but perfect treat for the Valentine’s Day season. Do Mason and Bridget get their Happily Ever After?

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