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Las Hechizadas by Anne Garcia

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Genres: Literature, Fiction
Four Stars

Las Hechizadas was a wonderful read.  The entire story was very engaging and beautifully written.  There were so many aspects of it that felt like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez story.  I loved the re-telling of the family history and its importance.  I loved how tradition played such an important role in the plot of this story.  Fantastic and interesting read.  If you like anything by Isabel Allende, you will like this book.

Blurb: When Juan Romero decides
to visit his Abuela in Aguas Puras he doesn't realize the magical
healing powers that exist in the high mountain valley. His journey to
reconnect with his family's past transforms his life and the lives of
generations to follow. He becomes involved in a battle to save the
valley from a multinational mining company and the struggle threatens
to destroy "Las Hechizadas," or healing women, and their
way of life. Twenty years later his sister, Silvia, makes her way
from the U.S. to again discover the secrets of her family's past, but
in contrast to her brother what she learns finally sets the universe
straight and the women of the valley are once again in balance. Anne
Garcia weaves her own experiences of living in South America into
this magical novel that connects us all to the extraordinary women of
the valley of Aguas Puras.


Sofia arrived just
as the altar was receiving its final touches. Those who are not
familiar with altars often think of them as objects of pagan rituals,
however, an altar is a personal sacred space where anyone can offer
and receive blessings. In this case, it was a family altar, welcoming
not only Sofia, as a new member, but the unborn child into the
family. Abuela had built it around the same base her great-great
grandmother had made and that had been used for each generation
since. The path leading to the altar was aligned with stars. Each
woman who attended the ceremony to welcome the new child placed a
gift at the base of the altar decorated with photos of several
generations of children, interwoven with daffodils, bring the higher
powers to bless the child. A loaf of bread to stave off hunger, a
bottle of wine to attract everlasting joy and laugher and, stems of
birds of paradise to attract creative energy were only some of the
many offerings Sofia was led to the front of the altar and seated on
a hand painted stool. Abuela began o light the candles made with
Echinacea extract to boost Sofia’s immune system. The other women
hummed a calming melody and circled Sofia. No one knew what she was
asking for or thinking, but it was none of their business so they
didn’t wonder. When Abuela was done she took a glass jar from her
bag and smeared a lavender salve on Sofia’s forehead. The blessing
was to pass Abuela’s knowledge on her grandchild. Again, her secret
desire for a girl reappeared. What she didn’t know was that Sofia,
too, wanted a daughter. She placed a crown on Sofia’s head and the
women left her alone to present her own offerings and prayers.

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About the Author:

I am a bilingual
teacher and author in Colorado. Writing and reading has always been
my passion and as part of my teaching I have documented my thinking
as the years have passed. I have written one professional development
book for ESL teachers and contributed to a book on comprehension
strategy work. Currently I am working on a title that documents the
importance of partnerships between community-based organizations and
schools. In my free time I also write fiction. My first novel, Las
Hechizadas, is available in paper book and on Kindle. I am also
writing two new bilingual children's books.

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