Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Shadow Princess by Mary Hart Perry / E-book Giveaway-open to international

Four stars

I really enjoyed The Shadow Princess by Mary Hart Perry.  I have to say beforehand that she takes a lot of creative liberties with the story of Jack the Ripper and Vicky, the oldest daughter of Queen Victoria.  When the story begins Vicky is in mourning for the death of her husband.  She is suddenly called back home to deal with family issues.  One of these issues is the mystery behind Jack the Ripper.  Thomas Edmondson was an interesting character.  I thought he provided a good amount conflict and also a good contrast to the life of royalty.  Thomas is the inspector behind the ripper’s death.  After months of looking for him he is nowhere near.  Vicky is involved when her nephew, notorious for his wild lifestyle is a suspect.  I was intrigued by how the author would take all the different aspects of the story and make all of them work.  I thought she was able to masterfully complete all the different aspects and still remain believable.  I highly recommend this story, it is creative and intriguing. 

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