Monday, November 4, 2013

Wilde for Her by Tonya Burrows

ARC received from publisher for an honest opinion.
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Eva Cardoso and Camden Wild have known each other for five years. They were both homicidegh detectives and partners. Camden decides to start a security business with his brothers, Wilde Security. The Wilde brothers all seem like your typical alpha, testosterone filled males.
Eva is not a pushover. She is tough and can hold her own. She had a very tough childhood. Her mother is an addict and was never very “mothering”. Although Eva has other siblings she is only has a relationship with her sister Shelby.

Although Eva and Camden are best friends and attracted to each other they never tested the bonds of their friendship. Eva was in a two year relationship with Preston and Camden was always the best friend that she shared a beer with.

When the novel starts Eva and Cam are at his brother Jude's wedding. Evan and Cam are overwhelmed with their attraction for each other and after a couple of shots and much hesitation they finally give into their intense attraction for each other. This is definitely not your Judy Blume story!
When Cam wakes up the following morning Eva is gone! He tries several times to get a hold of her but she refuses to answer the phone. Eva is terrified that their intense night of passion will cost her the only stable and healthy relationship she has ever known. When Eva is called on to investigate a homicide Cam is linked to the death of a homeless man named Soup who also happens to be Cam's informant.
Eva finally has to come face to face with Cam and they agree that they don't want to ruin their great friendship, but hey they also cannot ignore that fantastic sex that they share! So they set up a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. Their relationship sizzles and fireworks explode between these two.
Complications arise as Eva learns that Cam has been keeping a secret from her. Someone has put a hit on Cam. Cam doesn't want to worry Eva and doesn't say anything about it to her. Eva also adds complications to their relationship when her ex-boyfriend Preston wants her back. Although Preston never wanted to marry Eva he some how becomes engaged to another girl, but he realizes its a mistake and proses to Eva begging for a second chance. Cam is obviously not happy with this change of events.

As Cam's life is threatened his brothers step in and try to protect him. Eva realizes that she loves Cam and doesn't want to lose him. This is a dynamic story. The element of murder plays an undercurrent to the story and adds to the intrigue. Although both Eva and Cam are tough, they realize that they are exactly what the other one needs. 
Wilde for Her by Tonya Burrows

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